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OSRS Beginners Guide 2023

Jan-07-2023 PST


OSRS can be a complicated platform to play on, especially for the new and inexperienced members. The User Interface, Skills, and Combat System can sometimes go over the head since it’s a little old, and there are often scenarios where players end up quitting. So, for such players, we have made a simple guide to help them through their journey.

Tutorial Island

When you first log into the game, you’ll begin your journey at the Tutorial Island, where you’ll learn the basics of the game. For instance, how you can skill, how to move around, how to bank your osrs items, etc.

The initial step is to choose a name for your character, followed by how the character will resemble in terms of looks. Right after that, you need to follow the ‘Yellow Flashing Arrow’ to learn the general mechanics of the game.

At the end of the tutorial, you will be asked whether you want to play as a normal or Ironman player. The best choice as a beginner would be to play on a normal account because Ironman can be a difficult journey if you don’t have a good understanding of the game.

Once the Tutorial is over, you’ll be teleported to Lumbridge, where you can start playing the game for real.

User Interface

The User Interface might be the most complicated factor of the game. The reason is that the game is very old, but to help you out, we have broken down the UI to make it easier for beginners.

Chat Box

Chat Box is used to communicate with the other players in the game. You can monitor the entire process through the ‘Game’ tab. Chat Box is also used to communicate with the general NPCs in OSRS.

Combat Option

Within the Combat Tab, you can select your preferred Attack Style, with each of them allowing you to gain EXP in specific combat skills, such as Attack, Strength, Defense, Ranged, Magic, and HP. You can also find the Auto Retaliate option here, which automatically enables you to fight back the foes that are attacking you.

Skills Tab

Within the Skills Tab, you can view various skills that are available to you as a member of the game. Every skill is important and needs to be kept at priority as a beginner.

Activities Tab

Within the Activity Tab, you can view and manage four different activities:

Quest List

This tab shows you the quests that are available to you. There are 21 F2P quests and 121 P2P quests for you to complete. Completing the quests gives you Quest Points that are required and essential to complete harder quests. You can know the requirements of the quest by clicking on them, for osrs beginners guide.

Achievement Diary

This tab displays diary tasks related to different areas across OSRS. They offer many rewards upon completion. You can click on different diaries to view the tasks that need to be completed.


This tab allows you to teleport to your preferred minigame; however, you need to walk to the minigame first in order to unlock the teleportation access, for osrs beginners guide. You can also join a minigame-related clan chat to communicate with a team while playing.

Kourend Favor

There are five different houses in this game, which are known as regions, and every region has different features that can be unlocked by gaining a specific percentage of favor. This tab shows the percentage progress of favor that you currently have in each of the 5 houses.

Inventory Tab

Within the Inventory Tab, you’ll have 28 free slots that cannot be increased whatsoever. These slots can hold in-game items, so you must wisely choose what to add and remove.

Equipment Tab

Within the Equipment Tab, you can manage your equipped weapons and gear. There are four different icons right below, which are used for different things. For instance, the first icon (from the left) can display stats, and help your compare different equipment. The second icon is used to check the value of the items in your inventory. The third icon shows the items that you’ll lose upon death. And, the fourth icon is used to call your pet (if you have one).

Prayer Tab

Within the Prayer Tab, you can activate different prayers according to your Prayer level. Doing so will consume Prayer Points. You can also re-order the displayed list by right-clicking the tab.

Magic Tab

Within the Magic Tab, you can view and cast various magic spells, for runescape skill. Every spell requires a specific Magic level, along with certain runes. You can filter out the spells that you want by right-clicking the tab, for runescape skill. There are four different spell books, with the standard one available to F2P players, and the other three available to P2P players.

Clan Chat Tab

With the Clan Chat Tab, you can join chats that are used for communication while raiding dungeons or training with friends. It generally depends on the type of activity the clan is performing. You can always leave the chat at any time, or switch to another if you don’t want to stick to a single clan.

Friends List Tab

Within the Friends List Tab, you can view the friends you have added, and their exact location (World). If you wish to ignore and block a player, you can add them to the red emoji list.

Account Management Tab

Within the Account Management Tab, you can purchase bonds, view your inbox messages, open the online OSRS store, change your character name, visit the official website or contact customer support.

Logout Tab

Within the Log Out Tab, you have two options: the first one is to switch the world you’re currently in, and the second option is to log out from the game. You can also rate your experience while playing the game by clicking the like or dislike button.

Options Tab

Within the Options Tab, you change your display or sound settings, and much more. For instance, if you want to lower the brightness or sound, or resize the client’s screen.

Emotes Tab

Within the Emotes Tab, you will find several emotes that can be left-clicked to perform. It’s worth noting that there are many emotes that are locked, and they can only be unlocked through activities around the game.

Music Player Tab

Within the Music Player Tab, you can play various pieces of soundtracks in the background. Similar to the Emotes, you need to unlock most of the soundtracks by visiting locations around OSRS.

Mini-Map Interface

In the top-right corner of your screen, you will find a mini-map, with different useful options beside it. The compass helps you know the direction you’re walking towards. The XP icon displays or hides the EXP you gain while training a skill. The HP icon displays your current Hit Points.

The Prayer icon monitors your current Prayer Points, and it is also used to toggle quick-prayer. The Foot icon indicates your Run Energy, and you can toggle it on or off to run or walk, respectively. The Dual Swords icon displays your Special Attack energy. It can also be toggled accordingly.

World Map Interface

The Earth icon can be clicked to open the World Map. It’s the most useful thing for a beginner, especially if you want to travel places while doing quests or other tasks. You can use it to find the precise location of the NPC, as well as the fastest route to get there. In the northern part of the map, lies the Wilderness, which is entirely a PVP zone. So, if you enter and get killed there, you’ll lose your items (or more osrs gold in-game).

Combat Mechanics

In Old School RuneScape, the Combat Mechanics are quite simple. You don’t need to use flashy skills like other MMORPGs (apart from Magic). The primary source is to inflict damage upon your foes.

The amount of damage reflects your stats, which in turn depends on the level of your combat skills (Attack, Strength, Defense, Ranged, Magic). The damage dealt on the enemy is not guaranteed, as there are often times where you can hit 0s, even when you’re maxed out in the skill. Your skill level and equipment play a vital role in increasing your overall damage.

For instance, if you increase your accuracy, you’ll increase your hit chance, and if your increase your strength, you will increase your max hit.

Additional Information

Before you purchase your first Bond to become a P2P member of the game, you need to follow the below steps as a F2P player. If you don’t, you’ll simply end up wasting your membership days and money.

First, train your combat level to at least 50 or 60. Next, achieve the levels required for all the F2P quests, and then complete them. Lastly, try to make as much money as you can during the process so that you can purchase the Bond from Grand Exchange, instead of using your hard-earned IRL cash.