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​OSRS Bear Your Soul Guide

Aug-18-2022 PST


A mini-quest where you have to search for a damaged ancient artifact talked about in a book. During the quest, you’ll need a Spade as well as a method to reach Cerberus’ Lair which is within the dungeons of Taverly.

Besides that, you’ll need a Dusty Key if you don’t already have 70 Agility to use the shortcut. Alternatively, you can always use Key Master Teleports to get there quickly. It’s also recommended that you have an Anti-Dragon Shield when going through the dungeon.


You can start the quest by searching for a book called The Journey of Souls in the Arceeus Library. You can quickly get there by taking a ship to Post Piscarilius, and then head northwest until you reach Arceuus. Alternatively, you can use the Fairy Ring (C*I*S) and walk south to reach there; however, that is only if you’ve paid Trossa 80,000 GP beforehand.

If you are asked by one of the other NPCs to find the book, you can then speak to Biblia on the topmost floor of the library to narrow down the location.

Once you’ve got the book, read through it, and you’ll get a message on your chat box saying, “The book referred to an artifact being buried in Kourend, but the author did not specify where it was buried. Maybe you could persuade her to change her mind.”

When you examine the book, you’ll find out that the message is by Aretha, who can be found near the Soul Altar which is located in the northern region of Arceuus city. So, walk south from the library, slightly move northeast when you get past the Dark Altar, and then follow the green-bluish path to reach her.

Speak to her and select the option that says, “I’ve been reading your book…” Eventually, she’ll mention the Key Master who may have the information you need to repair the artifact called the Soul Bearer. She will also bring it to your notice that the artifact is buried in the Arceuus Church.

Head east of the library to locate the church. You can indicate it through the blue edges visible on the mini-map. Now, climb up the staircase upon entering the church, then climb down the stairs, and then dig anywhere to retrieve the Damaged Soul Bearer.

Next, make your way to the Key Master, who is located within the Taverley Dungeon (Cerberus’ Lair). You’ll need a Dusty Key if you don’t already have 70 Agility or a Key Master Teleport.

Finally, speak to him and he will repair the artifact for you. In any case, if you lose it, you can get another by digging in the same area as before. Good luck! And I recommend you the best OSRS Gold website -, 24/7 online service & realiable.