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​OSRS Barbarian Training Overview

Feb-18-2022 PST


Barbarian Training is an expansion of Fishing, Smithing, Herblore, and Fire Making. These set activities provide access to the Ancient Cavern that has several monsters residing within like Mithril Dragons. There’s also Otto Godblessed on top of Baxtorian Falls, who is a barbarian that offers to teach players about Barbarian Skills.

You can quickly get there using a Games Necklace to get to the Barbarian Outpost, and then run south. Alternatively, you can use the Barbarian Assault minigame teleport, or directly run there from East Ardougne, and then climb the cliff beside the waterfall.

When you begin the training, you’ll get a long book named ‘Barbarian Skills.’ The book can be used to stay on track with the information that Otto provided you. After that, when you ask about the Ancient Cavern, you’ll be given a notebook that you to fill as you locate Ancient Pages in the dungeon. They are usually collected by searching skeleton remains on the floor.

Skill Requirements

· 35 Fire Making

· 11 Crafting

· 48 or 55 Fishing

· 15 Agility

· 15 Strength

· 5 Smithing

· 4 Herblore

Quest Requirements

· Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

· Barbarian Fishing

· Barbarian Fire Making

Items Required

· Any Bow (Except Twisted, Cursed, Dark, Crystal, Ogre, Rain, or Signed Oak Bow).

· Oak Logs

· An Axe

· Fishing Bait/Feathers

· Knife

· Hammer

· Metal Bars x2

· Logs x2

· Normal Attack Potions (2 Doses).

· Roe (Obtainable during Barbarian Fishing).

· Knife (For Roe/Caviar)

Recommended Items

· Games Necklace

· Armour, Weapon, and Food.

· Tinderbox

· Camelot or Catherby Teleport

Barbarian Fire Making

Speak to Otto and ask him about Barbarian Fire Making skills. He’ll ask you to take a bow and use it with Oak logs to light them without a Tinderbox. Although it’s a fancier way of lighting logs, it offers the same exp as lighting them with a Tinderbox. So, use your bow on a set of logs and speak to Otto again.

Otto now explains how to make a Pyre Ship. You need to enter the Ancient Cavern, which is a dungeon below the take, and fight against monsters to obtain Mangled or Chewed Bones. These bones will be used to create a Pyre Ship. You also need a Woodcutting Axe to carve the ship, along with a Tinderbox to light it.

Once you’ve obtained the bones, you can use them on the burnt spaces scattered around the lake that is nearby Otto’s house. Burning a Pyre Ship grants an exp bonus of 300%, depending upon the type of logs.

In the end, you’ll be given some items, including a slim chance of obtaining a Dragon Full Helm. The spirits that are being released from the bones are Aggressive Ferocious Barbarian Spirits. If you’re using Mangled Bones, then you won’t be able to make another Pyre Ship until you kill the spirits.

You can only complete the Barbarian Skills book by burning Chewed Bones dropped by Mithril Dragons. Or else, the final paragraph section will be missing.

Barbarian Fishing

Speak to Otto about fishing rod methods, and he’ll tell you that barbarians use strong fishing rods to catch leaping fishes in a nearby lake. Search under Otto’s bed to obtain Barbarian Rod, and make sure that you have Fishing Bait or Feather in your inventory. Use it on the nearby lake to catch some leaping fish. The Cooking exp here refers to the method of catching a fish and gutting it with a knife to obtain or Caviar.

Speak to Otto again once you’re done, and he’ll talk to you about catching fish with your bare hand. So, now you need to head to an area where you can catch harpoon-related fishes, such as the Fishing Guild of Catherby. Click the spot and you’ll be able to catch the fishes without a harpoon.

Barbarian Smithing

To begin Barbarian Smithing, you need to first finish Barbarian Fishing, along with the quest ‘Tai Bwo Wannai.’ Speak to Otto and talk to him about the two activities that fall under Barbarian Smithing; Spear and Hasta Smithing. The requirement to create and wield a Hastae is Barbarian Fire Making.

You need a hammer, a metal bar, and some logs for Spear Smithing. Use the items on the anvil near Ott’s house to create a spear, and then speak to Otto again. The Hastae is exactly the same and required the same items. So, go to the anvil again and smith a Hastae, and then head back to Otto to complete the training.

Barbarian Herblore

Click on the ‘I seek more answers’ options to learn about Barbarian Potion-Making. You’ll be tasked to develop an Attack Mixture from a normal Attack Potion of 2 doses. Now, click on the ‘What was the secret knowledge of Herblore we talked of’ option. Add a Roe into the 2-dose Attack Potion and give it to Otto to complete the training.

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