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​OSRS Architectural Alliance Guide


​OSRS Architectural Alliance Guide


A mini-quest that revolves around architects from five cities. Yes, the five cities of Great Kourend. In this quest, you need to earn their trust and rebuild the statue of King Rada 1, who was the first king of Great Kourend. The statue was destroyed by a devastating storm.

If you think you can prove yourself worthy of the five houses and gain the support of architects from five cities, then let’s begin.


You’ll need various skills depending on the activities that you do. For instance, 42 Mining for any Lovakengj activity. Besides that, you need to have completed the quest Client of Kourend with 20% favor distributed towards Piscarilius house.

Lastly, it’s recommended that you have 15 Hunter for Sandworms, 25 Cooking to make Stews, Kharedst’s Memoirs to speed things up, and enough combat level to defeat level 53 to 75 Lizardmen.


To begin the quest, you need to first speak to Hosa who is located by the broke statue of King Rada 1 in Great Kourend. The architect of Hosidius house explains how he wishes to rebuild the state after the devastating storm that broke it; however, he won’t be able to do so without the assistance of others.

To receive the assistance, you will have to speak with them with 100% favor of their respective house. Once you have spoken to an architect, he/she will appear at the statue. So, in simpler words, you need 100% favor in all houses to complete the quest.

Here are the locations:

Gaining Favour

You can gain favor by doing certain activities for the houses. The activities are marked with a purple quest-like icon on the mini-map. There’s no specific order to gain the favor.

If you’ve completed the Client of Kourend quest, you may have already received a Kourend Favour Certificate which grand 20% favor in a city of your choosing. However, as mentioned above, it is recommended that you use the favor for Piscarilius house as its activities are tedious compared to the other houses.

Recommended Activities

These activities will require the following stats: 15 Hunter, 16 Strength, 18 Agility, 20 Thieving, and 42 Mining.


From 0 to 90%, assist the customers to find books in the Arceuus Library, and for the rest of the 10% complete the Ascent of Arceuus quest.


From 0 to 5%, plow the fields which also require a hammer to fix the plow when it breaks. From 5 to 90%, make Sulphurous Fertilizers. Finally, complete The Depths of Despair quest for the remaining 10%.


From 0 to 65%, mine Volcanic Sulphur which requires a Pickaxe and Face Protection Mask. Alternatively, you can also make Dynamites. For the next 10%, complete The Forsaken Tower quest. Finally, for the rest, speak to Miriam and start delivering Minecart Control Scrolls to the operators.


For the first 20%, as mentioned above, complete the Client of Kourend quest and distribute the reward to Piscarilius' house. Alternatively, you can repair Cranes. To reach 30%, complete The Queen of Thieves quest. Finally, start hunting Sandworms until you reach 100%.


From 0 to 30%, heal Wounded Soldiers in the Infirmary, and then complete the Tale of the Righteous quest to reach 40%. Now, Tackle Organized Crimes until you’re at 86% favor, and then start challenging Shayzien Soldiers at the Combat Ring to cover the rest.

Finishing Up

Once you’ve gained the support you need and have spoken to the architects of all five cities, head back to the statue. Speak to any one of them to trigger a cutscene, and once that ends, the quest will be completed.


You’ll be given an Antique Lamp that grants 10,000 XP in a skill of your choice (needs to be above level 40).

You’ll also gain access to Xeric’s Heart teleport (Xeric’s Talisman) which teleports you directly to the king’s statue in Great Kourend.

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