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OSRS: 8 Things To Do Before Becoming a Member

May-21-2024 PST

Saving up for a bond in Old School RS (OSRS) can be quite the chore, especially if players get stuck grinding in free-to-play (f2p). However, f2p time can be spent more efficiently with an end goal in mind, most notably that shining, eccentric bond! By ensuring that OSRS players have their accounts ready for membership at the end of their f2p experience, things can go a little more smoothly.

OSRS: 8 Things To Do Before Becoming a Member

If gamers are willing to take a little extra time in f2p, these are all the things worth doing before either buying or saving up for their first bond. For both newbies and RuneScape veterans alike, these are the most efficient goals to aim for in free-to-play OSRS and what every player should ensure they have obtained before starting a membership.

1. Complete All Free-to-Play Quests

Completion of all f2p quests in OSRS is not only a great first goal to aim for because of the hilarious and entertaining dialogue, but also because a lot of them gift the player with some bonus XP! Quests such as Goblin Diplomacy, Sheep Shearer, and Misthalin Mystery all level up players' crafting XP, while other quests such as Vampire Slayer (which can be completed very early on) give quite high combat experience points. Some member quests require completion of some f2p quests also, so it's a good use of time to get them finished before starting a membership.

Dragon Slayer Quest

Of course, the final goal of completing all f2p quests in OSRS is tackling the mammoth Dragon Slayer quest. This is the hardest quest that can be completed in f2p, and gamers should only start it when they're absolutely ready, but it's one well worth it. Successful completion of Dragon Slayer, where players slay Elvarg, rewards 18,650 defense XP, which is the highest reward from any quest. Completion of Dragon Slayer is also a worthy goal to aim for as it allows players to equip both rune and green dragonhide armor.

2. Train Combat Skills

A solid foundation in combat skills will greatly benefit players once they transition to membership. F2p provides ample opportunities to train various combat skills such as Attack, Strength, Defense, Hitpoints, and Ranged. Aim to reach at least level 40 in these skills, as this will allow you to equip rune weapons and armor, which are among the best gear available to free players. Additionally, training these skills in f2p can help prepare for more challenging member activities and quests.

3. Reach High-Level Mining and Smithing

Mining and Smithing are essential skills in OSRS, and achieving high levels in these can be very advantageous. Aim to reach at least level 60 in both skills. This will allow you to mine mithril and adamantite ores and smith them into valuable items, which can be sold for a good profit or used for personal equipment. Training these skills in f2p ensures that you have a strong foundation for the more advanced smithing opportunities available in members' worlds.

4. Train Woodcutting and Firemaking

Woodcutting and Firemaking are relatively easy to train in f2p and can be quite profitable. Aim for at least level 60 in Woodcutting, which will allow you to chop yew trees. Yew logs are in high demand and can fetch a good price in the Grand Exchange. Firemaking, while not as profitable, is easy to level up alongside Woodcutting and can be useful for completing various tasks and quests.

5. Gather Resources for Future Use

While in f2p, take advantage of the opportunity to gather resources that will be useful once you become a member. This includes:

Logs: For future fletching and construction training.

Fish: Stockpile cooked and raw fish to use for food or to sell.

Ore and Bars: Prepare for future smithing or crafting needs.

Runes: Collect basic runes for future Magic training.

By stockpiling these resources, you can hit the ground running once you become a member and reduce the time needed to gather basic materials.

6. Achieve High-Level Crafting

Crafting is a versatile skill with many applications in OSRS. In f2p, aim to reach at least level 40 Crafting. This can be done through activities such as spinning flax into bowstrings, crafting leather items, or making jewelry. High crafting levels will be beneficial for various member activities and can provide a steady income stream through the sale of crafted goods.

7. Train Runecrafting

Runecrafting is a slow skill to train, but it is highly rewarding. In f2p, focus on achieving at least level 50 Runecrafting. This will allow you to craft higher-level runes, which are essential for Magic training and can be sold for a profit. The Runecrafting skill is also tied to several important member quests and activities, so having a solid foundation will give you a head start.

8. Save Up for a Bond

Finally, the ultimate goal of your f2p experience should be to save up for a bond. Bonds can be purchased with osrs gold and provide 14 days of membership. By completing the above tasks and efficiently gathering resources, you can save up enough gold to purchase your first bond without spending real money. This will give you a taste of membership and access to a wider range of activities, quests, and items.

Tips for Saving Up for a Bond

Flip Items on the Grand Exchange: Buy low and sell high to make a profit.

Farm High-Value Resources: Focus on gathering resources such as yew logs, coal, and iron ore.

Complete Daily Activities: Engage in daily activities such as mining rune essence or fishing lobsters for consistent income.

Sell Unnecessary Items: Clear out your bank and sell items you no longer need or use.

Transitioning from a free-to-play account to a membership in Old School RuneScape can be a smooth and rewarding process if you take the time to prepare your osrs account. By completing all f2p quests, training essential skills, gathering resources, and saving up for a bond, you can ensure that your entry into the members' world is as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Happy scaping!