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​Optimising AFK bureaucracy for Airy Warriors


​Optimising AFK bureaucracy for Airy Warriors

I've been absent an AFK money maker for my capital annual while I play on my ironman. So far, I've been accomplishing airy warriors in my apache dungeon, but I anticipate my bureaucracy could be optimised. I've got a bulk of questions I'm aggravating to answer actuality - so aggregate may be a bit disorganised. I've done a bit of plan aggravating to acknowledgment the questions myself, but feel chargeless to jump in with your own input/corrections.

How assisting are Airy Warriors?

Around 5.6m an hour. That's with 5 airy warriors in a apache alcove and the bank two banty advantage from amateur endemic farms. Factoring in the bulk of runes, notepaper, springs, and all-powerful accuse it's allegedly afterpiece to 4.7m solely in profit. I was accepting about 4.1m an hour because I was appliance an attuned ectoplasmator to clue my kills for the abstracts I was logging.

Obviously appliance an attuned ectoplasmator is a decay here, but it seems to be the a lot of reliable way to clue kills. Afterwards it admitting the demon horn chaplet will not accord absolute prayer, so I'm traveling to allegation to amend my accessories traveling forward.

With apparition hunter, cinderbanes, demon horn chaplet for affliction and physique split, and absolute 5 on a Baneful agents I was accepting ~805 kills/hour and the boodle averaged to about 5k per annihilate (not counting bounce cleaner stuff).

Which is bigger for camping airy warriors: Abracadabra bifold apply or two-handed?

I've been appliance a baneful agents with absolute 5, but I've been cerebration about traveling bifold wield.

I've heard that bifold apply rune bulk is badly increased, but I'm not abiding if that was an old bug or just an associated cost. (Currently, 2h rune bulk is ~63.5k/hour [@55gp/fire, @25gp/air])

Given the low bloom of airy warriors, I accept appliance bifold apply could crop a dps access on the base of advance acceleration alone.

In agreement of perks, does the dps access absolve the bulk of augmenting?

From my testing, assiduity bank 90 weapons seems to bulk ~160k per hour (@41k per all-powerful charge), about it makes no faculty not to augment them aback it would bulk added to adjustment unaugmented bank 90 weapons so this is a sunk bulk and you will accept 2-4 chargeless perks.

Augmenting Seren anima bulk armour should be beneath than 90k per hour anniversary at accepted all-powerful allegation prices. However, I'm not abiding how to annual which allowances can absolve the cost.

What are the best allowances to use in this situation?

I'm not that able-bodied abreast in appliance apparatus to optimise dps, so I've mostly just best out what allowances I saw would advice the most. In any case, I'll be including scavenging 3 because I feel that one is in fact annual the accomplishment accustomed the bulk of exercise it's traveling to get.

During my basal testing, I was appliance assailment potions. If anyone has any advice on whether caroming 3 can accomplish that bombastic I'd acknowledge your input.

Weapon Perks: (two with 2h, four with dw) //edit: dw does not get two added perks

Caroming 3: Abandoned annual it if it can actuate a accompaniment of connected aggression.

Aftershock 3: AOE bang (might be able to get undead apache on aforementioned accoutrement here)

Precise 5: ~6.25% college dps

Equilibrium 3: ~4% college dps (around 3.55% in affiliation with absolute 5)

Maybe Biting 3 if Seren bulk legs isn't annual augmenting/caroming doesn't work

Maybe p4e2 if Seren bulk legs isn't annual augmenting, but caroming works

Armour Perks:

Scavenging 3* - lots of components

Undead apache - 7% added damage

Biting 3* - added criticals

Impatient 3* - added adrenaline

*increased aftereffect at akin 20

Seren anima bulk vs apparition hunter: Which is better?

Seren anima bulk armour requires a bit beneath absorption if you're accepting agitation befitting up with damage, but in agreement of dps the apparition hunter accessories seems to be above if you haven't aggrandized them. I can't see a acumen not to bandy out your Max/Comp cape for the apparition hunter haversack though.

Ghost hunter goggles: +3% damage*, 196 armour

Ghost hunter body: +3% damage*, 226 armour

Ghost hunter legs: +3% damage*, 216 armour

Ghost hunter backpack: +3% damage*, 29 armour

*caps out at 10% with three pieces

Anima bulk captain of Seren: 338 armour, 20 magic

Anima bulk physique of Seren: 389 armour, 30 magic

Anima bulk legs of Seren: 372 armour, 25 magic

Max cape: 44 armour, 26 magic, 5 prayer

Ideal dps setup: apparition hunter goggles, legs, backpack, aggrandized anima bulk physique of Seren

Are cinderbanes annual the adjustment cost?

From what I've apparent - yes. Seems to bulk about 5k/hour at 99 smithing.

Salve Amulet (e) vs Blood Amulet of Fury: Which is better?

I anticipate this best depends mostly on how abundant accident is accepting taken.

Salve amulet (e): +20% damage

Blood amulet of fury: AOE lifesteal effect

What should my revolution++ bar attending like?

I don't accept abundant acquaintance actuality either, but here's what I've got at the moment:

dw: Chain > Dragon action > Tsunami > Sunshine > Wild Abracadabra > Combust > Corruption bang > Concentrated Bang > Wrack > Impact > Tuska's Wrath >Sacrifice

2h: Chain > Dragon action > Tsunami > Sunshine > Wild Abracadabra > Combust > Corruption bang > Sonic Wave > Wrack > Impact > Tuska's Wrath > Sacrifice

I haven't in actuality activated these, but I've approved to put calm something that should work. Chain and dragon action are aboriginal to actuate as about as accessible and advance aggression. Afresh ultimates and thresholds are activated, followed by DOT abilities. Finally, some basal abilities to ample out the blow of the circling time. Tuska's Wrath and Sacrifice are there just in case.

Depending on how bound you can change adrenaline it may be annual abacus in Metamorphosis afore Wild Magic.

What auras should I use?

I allegedly don't use auras as abundant as I should, but they should in fact be included here.

Current adjustment of usefulness:

Maniacal: +10% damage, +10% abracadabra level, -15% defence, +15% damage

Penance: Permanent physique breach and affliction for an hour

Equilibrium: Not in fact abiding if this one is annual it - overrides calm perk

Dark Magic: Not in fact abiding if this one is annual it - DOT effect

Inspiration: Successful attacks ample an added 0.5% of the adrenaline bar

Invigorate: Accumulate a allotment of adrenaline afterwards activating an ultimate ability

Vampyrism: Should annihilate hp worries for an hour

Aegis: Absorb 10% of damage

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