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​Old School RuneScape: 7 Pro Tips for Leveling Fishing

Feb-03-2023 PST

Old School RuneScape's skill leveling system can be a bit of a pain at times, however with the help of this guide you will be able to start fishing like a pro in no time.

You can state with confidence that fishing in Old School RuneScape isn't exactly a highlight of the game, but in this classic MMORPG, Fishing is a vital ability, and both new and seasoned players will want to discover the best methods for advancing their fishing skill as quickly as possible. Despite the fact that free-to-play players have a more difficult time levelling up their skills than paid members.

Regardless of which group you belong to, these 7 Pro Tips for Leveling up Fishing skills may be used in both situations:

1. OSRS Leveling Fishing: Dress for Success

The greatest fishing gadget is not something you'd find in a normal raid. The Angler's Outfit can only be obtained once the player has completed the minigame Fishing Trawler. Each time the player completes the minigame, they have a 1/8 chance of acquiring a new part of the costume. Though a 2.5% increase in fishing experience may not seem like much initially, it quickly mounts up if the whole gear is worn.

The Fishing Cape is also available for players to use. Despite the fact that it does not speed up the rate at which experience is gained, its teleportation powers may make travelling to certain fishing regions much more convenient. After all, time is perhaps more expensive than money when it comes to levelling up talents.

2. OSRS Leveling Fishing: Barbarian Fishing

The most effective method for pay-to-play users of Old School Runescape to level up their fishing is via Barbarian Fishing, which may seem like something animal lovers would be concerned about. It's impossible for someone without 30 in both agility and strength to perform. This can be utilized in order to capture leaping trout, and leaping fish, as well as other aquatic species. In addition, the exercise and strength training that comes with fishing is a welcome bonus.

3. OSRS Leveling Fishing: The Minnows

Although it takes a fishing skill of 82 to do so, catching minnows is one of the quickest methods to level up one's fishing skill once that option becomes available. Players must go to Kylie's Minnow Platform and carry a little net with them in order to capture the juvenile fish. In addition to being able to trade minnows for raw sharks, players also have the opportunity to receive 15,000 experience every hour, with that figure increasing to 56,000 experience per hour as their level does.

4. OSRS Leveling Fishing: Sea Slugs

Unfortunately, the pay-to-play members of RuneScape are the only ones who have access to the quickest method to level fishing up early on in the game. Not all players are interested in spending money on the game.

The Sea Slug quest has a requirement of 30 Fire making, but it is well worth the effort because of how quickly the missions finally lead to assist players level up. The goal of the quest line Sea Slug is to elevate players all the way up to level 24 if they start at level 1 and play the rest of the quest line up to level 24. Because of this, they are getting this item while players are improving their fishing skill level is both apparent and necessary.

5. OSRS Leveling Fishing: Fly Fishing Targets

Fly fishing is a technique that players of the free-to-play version of the game may use to fairly level up from level 20 all the way up to level 99, provided that they have the patience necessary for this strategy. It is necessary to use feathers, but fortunately, feathers are not all that difficult to get, and they are not very costly either.

Barbarian Village and Lumbridge are good places to go fishing for trout and salmon. Once players have attained the level requirement for catching salmon, which is level 30, they may expect to earn anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 experience points each hour by fishing.

6. OSRS Leveling Fishing: Shrimp and Anchovies

In order to get started with fishing as a beginner, shrimp and anchovies are the most recommended ways to catch fish. The bank to the south of Draynor Village, the south of Al Kharid, and the area around the Fishing Tutor are all ideal places to fish. To unlock the ability to collect anchovies, players must first catch 447 shrimp and advance to level 15. Catch 139 anchovies to advance to level 20.

7. OSRS Leveling Fishing: Best Member Quests

Members of RuneScape may only access this greatest tasks to advance their fishing level. Those that enjoy the game for free will have to find another means to level up. Members have a huge variety of missions from which to pick, increasing their fishing experience by a total of 38,149.

Final Thoughts

After trying them out, you'll see that certain fishing techniques are more productive and beneficial than others. You should purchase OSRS gold if you are aiming for the Fishing skill cape or stocking up for a PKing binge and do not want to sell the valuable catch.

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