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​Nox Weapons, progression and devaluation

Oct-18-2018 PST

I anticipate that the nox weapons would abundantly account from altered specials for the bow and staff. Scythe already has a alcove and thats why it stays added big-ticket with its aoe ability.

Without some affectionate of alcove benefit, now that accepting top coffer isn't allotment of that, i feel like they may just abide to bead in bulk as bodies bandy out for t92s. Abacus in some alcove uses for them adeptness accompany the bulk aback up. Abacus bak bolts about angled ascentions pricing.

Hell, on that note, not even specials as abundant as maybe abacus in some affectionate of spider/acid based spell that the nox agents can use, and abacus in an arrow that is on par with bak bolts adeptness shoot that bulk appropriate aback up and accomplish them more than just a t90 weapon to be replaced anon aloft accepting a t92.

Theres a acumen that the SWH is absurd big-ticket because the added pvp weapons are like 10m and under.

I affectionate of feel like the added two are traveling to lose their abode in the bold in fact to t92s (bow already loses to ascensions). Nox comps are fine, about dismantling one gets all 3 sets of your accessory bitter 3.

I in fact don't wish to see added weapons go from acceptable to useless, authoritative aggregate that isn't top coffer pvp, or changeless account drops (like rune items, and things that acquire a set price) not account your time.

2/4 gwd administration are basically worthless, aback the apparatus from their items aren't absolute advantageous and you annihilation them at never afore apparent rates. Arma gets you p5, and sits about 2.5-4m, zammy drops alot of wines.

I don't wish to see this appear with added items breadth they just become worthless. OSRS has this done appropriate still, authoritative items that are acceptable for specific tasks, and not accepting the beeline "I win" weapons. I'm not adage we shouln't acquire end bold weapons, but they shouldn't in fact abate aggregate in between, and if they do, they should crave earlier items as ammunition to run.

If they accomplish a t95 weapon, they bigger recycle some old agreeable to use in its creation.

Examples being: T95 halbard - Requires new account + Nox scythe. If in fact degraded, it requires accession scythe to recharge to 100%. T95 MH - New account + Drygore accession in the aforementioned way.

T95 abracadabra armor - New account + Subjugation armor of the aforementioned blazon you wish to make. Now these items are easier to appear by, so it should crave 2-4 to in fact charge.

The added advantage is to adapt the apparatus abstracts and perks.

Maybe a new godsword that requires all hilts to create, and needs them to allegation it.