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Now Get 10 percent Bonus XP in game

Dec-27-2017 PST

We are going to leap into the new year very soon, but do you know ? Today, you can get 10% Bonus XP in game now ! The RS players have just found a 1.1× XP boost pops up on the screen all of a sudden. True or false, you must get it now.

Today, lot of RuneScape players see a 1.1× XP boost just pops up on the screen all of a sudden. But no official announcement on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else before its happening. Afterwards, a message was posted in the chat box: “Bonus XP is now active! Earning 10% more experience to celebrate the New Year!” it's a Bonus XP event , just like the RuneScape Bonus XP Weekend.

Currently, we didn't know how long the Bonus XP event will last. you did best get 10% Bonus XP in game right now and don't forget using the 6% off code "MCS6" buy the RuneScape gold at

Enjoy your holidays!

Rsgoldfast Team