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​Normal membership vs. premier club


​Normal membership vs. premier club

I cannot assume to get a able answer/solution to this botheration nor anyone acclamation it. Im a abiding amateur from a continued time ago (over 6 years if I acclimated to play this bold as a kid f2p) and I just capital to play runescape afresh and actively go all in with the action of absent to in fact go endgame and max out and aggregate so I bought a one year membership.

So basically I bought a one year associates appropriate abroad and bound begin out that Arch club existed, and did some analysis and begin out what the abounding allowances were. So instantly I capital to acquisition out how I can administer these allowances to my membership.

I didn't wish a acquittance but just the rewards. I ask the abutment on cheep but they assume to accord me awe-inspiring answers about the complete affair I wish to acquisition out which is how I can get these perks, in any way possible.

I said I was accessible to buy addition year if the arch club came out so it would administer the allowances for the next about 1 year 10 months I would accept membership, acceptation the allowances would change if the 2020 one came out and I'd accept to extend the associates for 2021 afore my associates concluded like it should be accessible while I still accept my membership.

But this was just an abstraction I had and I'm acquainted the exceptional associates prices change annual but from what I've apprehend from antecedent years I've not begin annihilation in fact acclamation this. A amateur ingame said it applies the allowances appropriate abroad but afresh it'd abide my accustomed associates afterwards and I'd accept annihilation again.

If this all is accurate that Jagex hasn't addressed this:

To me it seems acutely antic that such top rewards are abandoned accessible to get while affairs the associates abandoned if the arch club is accessible and there's annihilation you can do that Jagex has proposed for you to get these rewards.

I bought a one year associates beeline off and I can't even buy a individual ambience admitting paying 17 euros added and basically me affairs a one year associates stops me from accepting this associates so I'm just sitting with 11 months of associates and no perks, and I as a new amateur should accept done acute analysis and begin out that I shouldn't buy a abounding year but 3 months and afresh the year if arch club does appear out so I can yield advantage of this?! Why is there in fact band-aid for me to administer this arch club, whether its paying 10 euros to administer it or whatever.

While anyone would say the rewards arent that abundant its still something if you anticipate about you get in fact annihilation from affairs a one year associates and in fact get NOTHING and still pay 17 euros more...?

Can anyone in fact explain me how this works and what's the bearings and if Jagex is account this can you fix this with the next Arch club.

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