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​New Weapon Blazon Suggestion - Amalgam Weapons

Oct-20-2018 PST

With the mods allurement about atm for new annual to accomplish weapons added diverse, one of the problems i've begin in RS is all the tiers for the 3 activity styles (both DW and 2h) acquire been abounding up, so i've been cerebration about attainable new classes of weapons they could aggrandize into. One abstraction which was in actuality arresting to me was the abstraction of amalgam weapons, these accepting weapons that can use 2 activity styles at once. I'm not talking about things like the sunspear area you can change its activity style, i beggarly weapons that can do 2 altered activity styles or adeptness sets by itself at the aforementioned time.

For example, 1 weapon which can use both affray 2h abilities and mage 2h abilities afterwards the allegation for switching, at maybe a bulk of hardly abbreviation the stats of the weapon compared to authentic individual appearance analogue (IE a T90 amalgam weapon adeptness in actuality alone acquire the stats of a T85 authentic weapon, but in 2 styles). This adeptness to use 2 altered styles afterwards the allegation for weapon switching could attainable up opportunities for pvm such as bosses/monsters defective added focus on assorted activity styles. There are already such enemies ingame like the addled demons and akrisae in the barrows, aswell abounding examples of administration about acute altered activity styles to beforehand efficiently, with amalgam weapons you could aggrandize on this alot more.

Some examples of new amalgam weapon classes i can see alive are as follows:

#1 Affray 2h + Mage 2h - Tridents

After arena osrs i noticed that the new top end abracadabra staves there are a accomplished new chic of weapons alleged tridents. If i was searching at it i noticed how it works as a abracadabra agents in architecture but could aswell be an able anatomic added weapon too. This makes tridents in rs3 a acceptable applicant for the melee/mage 2h hybrid.

#2 Affray DW + Ambit DW - Chakrams

When cerebration about the bifold apply melee/range hybrids my apperception went to the chakram weapons currently in the game, they could actual calmly be reclassified as the new blazon of weapon. They're ranged weapons which dont use ammo and you can calmly use them as blades too so it makes faculty architecture wise. The weapons ingame atm which could be reclassified as these would be the clear chakrams and the adumbration glaives from gregorovic.

#3 Affray 2h + Ambit 2h - Swordbows

This is an annual you've in actuality fabricated ingame during the aberrant minds quest, your larboard with a hint/teaser that you adeptness apprentice to use it anytime but you never do, this is a acceptable adventitious to in actuality accomplish use of it. Put artlessly its a cast and a bow in 1 weapon so was basically advised already as a amalgam weapon.

I'm candidly not abiding what to do with the actual 3 appearance combinations but you can see this would attainable up abounding new possibilities:

- Opens up 6 new weapon classes to ample up anniversary bank with over time, abundant for if you've run out of annual for items for new administration to bead cus like i said, atm every weapon appearance for every bank has now been filled.

- Opens up possibilities for greater use of bosses/enemies defective assorted activity styles afterwards annoying annual switches. Could do monsters which about-face prayers (like TD), or monsters which about-face up what appearance they're arresting adjoin (like QBD's crystal/hardened forms). Aswell makes accepted such monsters added attainable for people.

- Opens up added assortment in people's activity confined which atm are mostly all the aforementioned ones (melee 2h, mage 2h, etc), now there would be added could could could cause for humans to mix and bout the altered abilities from the altered activity styles for new strategies.

Asked humans about this afore and a bulk of questions area brought up, so i anticipation i'd abode them actuality too cus i'm abiding added humans will ask the aforementioned thing:

- "What about the furnishings of sunshine/death swiftness" - The absolute aftereffect of these abilities are continuing in these fields increases your range/mage accident depending on which adeptness it is. Accordingly application sunshine with a trident would alone access the accident advancing from its mage attacks/abilities, if you area use a affray adeptness with it in sunshine it would just be accustomed damage. And as for the affair of stacking sunshine/deathswiftness, firstly you could altercate if you could do that already with weapon switches which i dont anticipate you can so i deceit see it accident actuality either (not abiding if their cooldowns are linked). But if you could get them both off, the mage/range hybrids COULD possibly acquire both their mage/range attacks boosted, admitting you would acceptable run out the timer of the aboriginal acreage aftereffect afore you could get off the 2nd. Point accepting you CANT assemblage the furnishings to like bifold addition magic.

- "What would your basal beforehand appearance be" - I can see there accepting options for allotment which would be your absence beforehand appearance in the activity settings interface. So if you wielded a trident and went into the activity settings tab there'd be options for your absence beforehand to be either affray or mage.

- "How would you use 2 beforehand styles at once" - A bulk of ways, you could either accumulate the activity bar setups you acquire atm and just about-face amid the 2 accordant ones as you allegation (for instance at DK's, annihilate the affray one with a mage activity bar afresh about-face it to a ambit bar to annihilate the mage DK). Or (more the point of this idea), actualize new actionbar setups which acquire both your accordant activity styles, bond and analogous altered abilities from altered styles which could never acquire been strung calm before.

- "Wouldnt this be hardly overpowered" - As with amalgam armor styles which acquire hardly weaker stats compared to their authentic counterparts, these weapons could be annual by accepting hardly lower stats too. So a T90 amalgam weapon could acquire stats agnate to a T85 authentic appearance weapon, but in 2 activity styles instead of 1.

I anticipate this has abeyant for some amplification but would be absorbing to see if others like it too. Adding in 6 new weapon classes would in actuality advice them with their assortment problems, abnormally with these accepting possibilities of combinations added weapons deceit do. What affectionate of weapons do you anticipate could plan as the actual 3 combinations?

This abstraction could aswell be broadcast into amalgam armors focused on 2 styles too, agnate to those attenuate minigame alone sets but who candidly remembers those.