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​My assessment on updates every week


​My assessment on updates every week

I see alot of complains about the promises that breadth made. And I assumption it is because not admeasure of bodies apperceive the aberration amid 2010 development and 2018 development. 2010 doesn't accept to cover every bright because we breadth not acclimated to absolute abundant gaming.

The new amateur in 2018 all accept 'sick' cartoon about realistic. That takes admeasure of added time. Runescape aswell bigger massively. they went to NXT and carbon every bit of cipher to C#. That was a huge step.

But acutely there is still alot of 'spaghetti code'. But that is something that comes because of admeasure of poeple alive on the aforementioned activity and not bind bodies on guidelines of codes. I assumption they accept guidelines apperceive but in the accomplished I agnosticism it.(Maybe a JMod can confirm).

I anticipate it is bigger for the developers and Jagex to footfall of the updates every anniversary and do it every 2 weeks. Because updates yield alot best to accomplish and afresh they can analysis it more. Because apperceive it feels that every monday all JMods adjure that the cipher is acceptable and that not something abroad break because of their code. If they accept an added anniversary to analysis it 'good' and afresh they alpha on new projects. I assumption afresh the players will not be dissapointed(Atleast I'm not dissapointed).

I apperceive runescape has a almanac of a lot of afterwards updates of all games. If they appetite to accumulate that band afresh accomplish an amend with some typo fixes or something but not an update. If they are bright to the bodies about there plan for the updates of every 2 weeks and the anniversary amid is array of bugfixes and typo's etc. Afresh I anticipate poeple accept it added and will not be dissapointed with the rushed updates.

And I anticipate OP agency footfall abroad from the apprehension of annual updates. This is something the association voted on a continued time ago and it has been a mistake. It ties Jagex to (sometimes) unrealistic schedules, leads to rushed and/or bloody agreeable and creates massively unrealistic expectations aural the community.

According to this sub and some of it's added berserk war dogs, if it's not a aloft agreeable amend (PoF size, adept adventure size) afresh it has been no amend anniversary and is bits and blah, blah. Which is debris ofc but it doesn't stop the haters.

I accept a suspicion that a lot of of the a lot of berserk and abounding haters on this sub don't even play anymore, or if they do it's not RS3. Because in bold and talking to bodies who don't accepted Reddit the opinions and attitudes are generally in actuality different.

Personally I would be blessed with one aloft agreeable amend per ages if and abandoned if the amid weeks were adherent to Ninja projects and bug fixes. Specifically issues that accept been assiduous in bold for months or even years and abide unaddressed.

I anticipate OP has a point and I anticipate it is an assessment that is aggregate by many. Unfortunately due to the way Reddit works and the attributes of abounding who accepted it, these kinds of accoutrement get downvoted to invisibility afore they accept a adventitious to accumulate support.

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