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​My 2 cents in RuneScape

Nov-05-2018 PST

I started arena Runescape about 2010 if I was abandoned 12. I played f2p for a while afore I absitively to use "mommy's acclaim card" to get associates like a year later.

I anticipation it would advice me apprentice added about the bold but just fabricated it added confusing.

I took a few year breach afterwards 2013 could could cause I just didn't accept what to do anymore(not a maxed appearance like 60 in a lot of skills) till afresh if I absitively to try afresh from blemish (original annual was hacked.)

The acumen i mentioned this is that there has consistently been the botheration to me with the game, there is just so abundant agreeable in this bold it's acutely overwhelming.

There's so abounding items, so abounding prizes, minigames, events, cosmetics so abounding agency to do things abnormally that it just seems like to much. This bold has consistently relied on YouTube tutorial on how to do things.

Now I don't apprehend some abracadabra amend that rebalances the accomplished bold with tutorials on aggregate but a bang in the appropriate administration from time to time would be great.

Something like "hey you accomplished akin 40 in all your action skills... now would be a acceptable time to try this quest."

Some affectionate of affiliation with the Runescape wiki would be amazing aswell and now that it's accepting a makeover and complete change now would be a acceptable time to do that.

I don't accept a bold should await so heavily on YouTube tutorials to bulk things out and abiding I bet that some abstruse book in some old mans library on the additional attic could acquaint me aggregate I allegation to apperceive about the history of nex and some affectionate of weakness but that's just asinine that it's not in actuality learnable in game.

I adulation this bold and abiding it's got its downsides like a lot of amateur but I feel some of the a lot of acceptable things would be added QOL updates over accession ample agreeable amend like Menaphos that will be a hardly faster XP method.

But that's just my 2 cents and it's a little all over the abode but I anticipate I got my point through.

Also abandoned I don't affliction how continued till the next big thing, I still haven't bent up from the antecedent 8 years annual of stuff.

There is aredy something like that I. The game, that gives you goals to mark, and tells you requirements for it.

Also, this is just like that in a lot of MMO's. They accord you the abandon to do what you appetite the way you want. Contrary to people's mindset nowadays, the bold is not about efficiency, it's a journey, with altered claimed expiriences!

MMO's are about exploring, aggravating new things, award beatyfull places, affair people, authoritative accompany and advantageous yourself to ability your own goals.

If you just get an arrow pointing what to do next, you annihilate the spirit of the game. Just do yourself a favour, and adore the time you blot in Gielinor.