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​Mini Guide for afk Champ scrolls


​Mini Guide for afk Champ scrolls

So I just accomplished this and would like to allotment breadth I abandoned did the scrolls and hopefully it helps some people. I acclaim caroming 3 advantage on a abracadabra weapon, and I acclimated assailment pots because I afk'd a lot of with revolution. Breadth I acclimated affect it was still afk, not with summ pots or anything. Acclimated a nox agents with subj/void. Demonhorn for complete pray.

In no way are these optimal kph, just appropriate kph whilst accepting in actuality afk afar from sipping aggro pots.

Imp: set up cannon about 3 squares south east of the backcountry application alfresco Ardougne monastery. I did this whilst accomplishing angle flingers for the best tacklebox, but can be done with a lot of activities. Slowest kph, maybe about 300.

Skeleton: Lummy catacombs,deacon accustomed helps alot too. demon horn + bc for pray. Able-bodied over 2k+ per hr.

Lesser demon: I acclimated an oldak braid 4 quares west of the Karamja adeptness dungeon, aggro pot and stood 2 squares south west of the ample stalagmites this way all demons aggro assimilate you. Application cede on bar and a claret abutting + eee removes the charge to ss here, so you don't charge to consistently bang adjure pots. alternatively use ectoplasmator with demon horn. About 800 kph.

Jogres: Setup braid 2 squares arctic of comatose glider, angle 1 aboveboard south east of the glider with aggro pot, affect and demonhorn. forgot kph, about 950.

Banshees: Aggro pot and angle 1 aboveboard arctic of the southern accomplished on the east ancillary of the apache tower. 1400 kph no deacon.

Ghouls: Setup a cannon in the average of the triangle of gravestones in the south of the graveyard. Airing about 4 squares from anon arctic of the bake in the blurred allotment abreast the average until you're 1 aboveboard accomplished a cairn 2 squares south of you, you should be about in the average of the fog. Aggro pot, no affect demonhorn about 1300 kills per hr.

Mummies: Chaos tunnels with aggro pot+deacon. Angle 4 squares south east of the acme analytic affair in the west ancillary of the mummies area. Got annal too fast but over 1k+ kph I'd say.

Earth warriors: PoD with aggro pot, got annal too anon but 900-1k kph is reasonable I think.

Goblin: Cannon a brace squares east of the berth just over the arch in lummy + aggro pot and angle east of the accessible fire. Didn't in actuality pay abundant absorption to breadth to angle because there were so abounding goblins. Don't apperceive kph, but calmly over 1200.

Hill Giants: Arctic of observatory. Oldak coil, aggro pots maybe not needed, demon horn. 600kph.

Hobgoblins: Oldak braid beneath timberline gnome stronghold. about 750 kph.

Zombies: Armoured zombies annular the aboriginal angle in the tunnel/2nd akin of bastion of aegis with oldak coil. bastion is about 900kph, not abiding about armoured zombies.

Aberrant Spectres: Cannon them in the poli dungeon. 1k kph.

Edit1: acropolis giants and hobgoblins may able-bodied be decidedly faster in pod depending on respawn acceleration in pod.

Edit2: the ones with squares are breadth your burn will allure a appropriate bulk by continuing there and the added ones hit by your cannon or braid don't aback abroad into abeyance and decay cballs.

Edit3: if no one you apperceive has the npc in pod it's abandoned account application pod for scrolls if it's decidedly faster than the aloft locations because it takes a ample bulk of time to get apache credibility to buy ushabti and afresh capturing 5 souls. Or if you're sitting on an balance of points.

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