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​Manual Analysis GoldFarmer

Oct-30-2018 PST

They accused me of this a brace of years ago.

This happened in 2016, with my aboriginal account. Appropriate now I use addition account, with which I exceeded by much. Honestly if I recovered my account, I would allegedly not use it.

As I said, I already acquire a abundant bigger one. However, I'm absolutely abiding that it was a mistake.

He was a complete alive player. I played abounding hours, but I was consistently absolutely poor. I about managed to pay a band every 14 days, even affairs my things.

I never did annihilation awe-inspiring or illegal. in fact, he was accustomed to be sitting and talking all day in the "Ge".

One day I did not play because I abounding a marriage, and the next day I acquisition myself with that. I approved to do aggregate I could, but it was unappealable. A few months ago I activate a way to analysis my account, and they did.

However, they said there was no mistake, and I can not acquire it.

The alone affair that I apperceive could acquire acquired me some problem. was that already a acquaintance paid me 50m for absolution me annihilate about 1k times in wilderness, and well, I accepted. But it was consistently me. I aswell canceled it as 70 deaths because of how boring and continued it was.

Another time was that I gave my annual to a acquaintance to do the puzzles of the clues, which at that time bulk me a world. my acquaintance if he acclimated bots in his account, but never from my account. He accomplished the addle and larboard my annual immediately. (He was banned a few months later, by the way)

I just ambition answers, what I was declared to do, how I did it, if I did it, if I anytime did something "weird" from my Ip, or things like that. He had a "tetsu" and a "dragon addition lance" that had larboard afresh...

Well, I do not apperceive what abroad I can say, added than afrimating that I never did something "illegal" in that account. I am a absolutely honest person, and I acquire never acclimated bots or things like that.

I acquire to acquire that the "manual analysis gold farmer" implies that I acclimated some actionable acclimation to accomplish money, or something like that, and maybe that was what I mentioned earlier. But absolutely something like this would deserve a abiding Ban?

I achievement not, because based on the date I get there, it does not match.

The name of the annual is "Drakrat", by the way

Ehm... I do not allege English, and I acclimated Google Translate. I achievement you can acquire a lot of of this, and hopefully get some answers.

I apperceive that if you apprehend this, you will yield a absolutely agnostic position, and it is normal. For my part, I anticipate that with this I can not do added than say that carefully I never did something that would deserve a penalty, buy RuneScape gold and I will finish my action for this banned account. Until I apperceive addition way, I suppose.