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​Making Profit With Runecrafting OSRS

Oct-23-2019 PST

Runecrafting is a skill many players skip out on, even though most training methods net a decent profit. Sure, it is quite boring considering you are just walking back and forth between altars and the bank, but you can watch TV or Youtube while doing most methods. Below are the best methods at the moment to make a profit with the skill, although prices are always subject to change with future updates.

Cosmic Runes (500,000+) 

Crafting Cosmic runes doesn’t have a particularly high requirement, being only Lost City and 27 runecrafting, but it isn’t very profitable without high-level content unlocked. Having access to the Abyss and 75 Runecrafting allows for quick crafting of double Cosmic runes per essence, easily making over 800,000 osrs gold per hour.

Craftin cosmic runes the safe way is through Zanaris, which is quite slow but easy. Simply fill up your pouches and inventory at Zanaris bank, take a sip of your Stamina Potion, and make the trek to the altar. With 46 agility, you can take shortcuts through the tunnels to shave off some time. This is only a good idea for low-level Runecrafting training for Ironmen that need to stock up on Cosmic Runes for the Mage Training Arena.

Nature Runes (500,000-1 million) 

The most sought after portion of Runecrafting has always been nature runes, which is why gold farmers and bots flood this little altar in the jungles of Karamja. There are multiple methods to craft them, but most players prefer to use the Abyss as it’s more straightforward. 91 runecrafting is required to make double nature runes to unlock its maximum potential.

A common safe way to craft them is using the Fairy Ring teleport just outside of Shilo Village. You may use your fairy ring in your POH, or the Fairy Ring near Edgeville for easy baking and returning. For Hardcore Ironmen, this would be the route to go since the Abyss is a very high-risk activity.

Another means would be to take noted pure essence, sell them at the general store to un-note them, and then walk to the Nature Altar. This is the slowest way to do it, but viable for Ultimate Ironmen or low-level players with little content unlocked.

Blood Runes (500,000+) 

Blood rune crafting was introduced with the large Zeah update, and it involves a complex process never seen in runecrafting prior. You will need at least 38 mining & crafting, 73 agility (for shortcuts), 77 runecrafting plus maxing out Arceuus favor.

You will first need to venture down to the dark essence mine with two large rocks. How you mine them is similar to rune essence, but also requires a chisel with an additional animation when mining out dark essence blocks. These blocks will then need to be chipped into fragments before being used at the Dark Altar.

Running to the dark altar will significantly drain your run energy due to the spiral maze surrounding the dark essence mine. If you have the agility level for the shortcut, this will significantly increase your profit. To make this process slightly more efficient, you may chisel a load of the block, mine some more so that you have nearly double the inventory at the altar.

Wrath Runes (1.5 million+) 

For the time being, Wrath Runes are quite overpowered in both experience and profit without needing to go through the Abyss. Having said that, it does have a high requirement of 95 runecrafting and the completion of Dragon Slayer 2. You probably also want to have full Graceful unlocked due to all the running involved.

The Mythical Cape teleport is all you will need since the bank and the entire route is within the guild. Since you’ll have to run past a few aggressive dragons, it wouldn't hurt to have an anti-dragon breath shield equipped to mitigate damage. Otherwise, it’s a rather straightforward and low-risk runecrafting method.

Assuming you have all the patches and use a tiara instead of the talisman, you should get 54 essences crafted per trip, which can be up to 1.5 million 07runescape gold per hour at its current stable price. There is still the issue of patches degrading, but that is mitigated if you have 99 runecrafting and the runecrafting cape with you.

Astral Runes (800,000+) 

Astral Runes are not the most ideal for experience or profit, but they are one of the more relaxed methods of training. You will need to complete Lunar Diplomacy to have access to the bank and switch to the Lunar Spellbook to teleport into town.

Simply run from the bank with your inventory full of the essence to the southeast part of the island with the altar. Craft your runes on the open altar (no entrance required) and teleport back to the town nearby the bank. It is a linear path and you repeat this until you are sick of it.

Law Runes (900,000+) 

Law Runes are always in hot demand for teleports, so it can be a stable money making method if other runes happen to crash. It’s also slightly better percipience than crafting natures with close to the same profit margin.

The only efficient way is to craft them through the Abyss, which is identical to any other method. Otherwise, you will have to travel to Entrana to get to the altar. This can be done via the balloon transport system with banking at the Castle Wars chest.

Death Runes (1 million+) 

The ability to craft Death Runes is locked behind the Mourning's End Part II and is originally accessible via the Temple of Light. Fortunately, you may access the altar through the Abyss, making it a viable high-level money maker.

This is usually skipped in favor of wrath runes, but it is decent for those wanting to get a mix of profit and experience to rank up on the hi-scores. Crafting is at Level 99 is the most efficient way to make money as you get double Death Runes.

Wrapping Up

Runecrafting is indeed a tedious skill to train up, but at the very least, it is decently profitable at a high level. The methods above should be alternatives to consider instead of Powerleveling via the Ourania Altar or making Lava Runes. Make sure you have to Enter the Abyss completed to unlock the Abyss route and pouches.