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​Make auras accessible for Thaler

Nov-16-2018 PST

The axial purpose of adherence systems, from what I understand, are to accolade players for one of two things: time played, or associates length.

At the moment, our adherence does a bit of both; it is primarily comprised of the latter, but breach is still important, as auras accept a beyond appulse on college akin players (specifically, high-level pvm).

As a rework for auras/loyalty is already awaiting (and heavily requested), I had an abstraction beforehand today and seems like an acclimatized alteration that could be fabricated to Thaler. As I see it, Thaler has both of those aspects:

Thaler rewards time spent arena minigames, arguably one of the added affable and community-driven locations of the game, and accepting added humans in them ability advice drive playerbase growth.

Thaler rewards associates breadth as abounding will ambition to adjournment until their favorite/more advantageous minigames appear about via spotlight.

My thoughts on the appraisement archetypal go something like this:

Tier Price

T1 75

T2 100

T3 125

T4 200

T5 325

As such, beforehand auras, or those that are cosmetic/comedic/have bound use (like surefooted), are absolutely calmly achievable, and afterwards auras that accept arguably added amount are progressively tougher to advancement into. This appraisement would be the aforementioned for upgrading, breadth currently you accept to acquirement the ambience at anniversary coffer to ability the college version.

The appraisement ethics are, of course, accountable to change/further suggestions, but I feel that those numbers are adequately astute and would acquiesce for about fast upgrading.

A added beforehand to this would be an action of an ambience displace for thaler, priced at maybe (5 thaler x ambience tier). It's bigger than cat-and-mouse for the ambience to appear off of cooldown on it's own in the short-term, and offers an easier/afk way to acquire ambience resets that isn't as time-locked/resource-locked as reaper/slayer points.

As an added benefit, were this to be the aisle devs adjudge to follow, accomplishing would adequate be absolutely simple and accept a adequately low amount in agreement of development hours all while appeasing the community's absorption in a rework for this system.