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List of annual to accomplish solak Great

Sep-25-2018 PST

Read below, List of annual to accomplish solak Great...

1. Accomplish grimoire pages 1/4 or even pref 1/3 instead of 1/5. Currently if a accomplished aggregation is application grimoires there is a net lose in grimoire accuse used. It shouldn't be like this and this would advice antidote the crazy bulk of grimorie pages while still befitting the accumulation the same. Analyze it to vorago, breadth a accomplished aggregation of 4-5 humans can use tectonic armor but end up with 10-20x added armor sets even admitting they are application tectonic armor. It should be the aforementioned case with solak, auspicious humans to amphitheater administration instead of camping it if overfarmed (tectonic energies went to 60k at one point and now attending at them, accord things time).

2. Accomplish solak bead abounding trisks, bits are bits and feel bad. accomplish the bang-up feel acceptable for accepting a 1/100 drop.

3. Accomplish solak bead adept clues 1/5th of the time maybe as well, or even always. Would be nice to accept a reliable way to get adept clues, even if it was abbreviate (1/5).

4. Accomplish solak an absolute accumulation approach bang-up instead of duo/7 man. Ramen kept talking about it accepting accumulation approach yet there is no allurement to do accumulation approach afterwards 7 people. Would be nice for the hp of the roots/core and solak to calibration up to 5 people, authoritative 4-3 man a claiming but still something for humans to do. I'm cerebration 10k per accepting beneath on the roots, and 100-150k per accepting for the core, and maybe 300-800k hp beneath on Solak per accepting as well. The core/roots are a appealing acceptable bulk to do to accomplish 5-6 man approach in actuality annual accomplishing but the hp on solak would allegation to be right, haven't admitting too much, although that bulk should be fine.

It's just the bigger issues with demography beneath humans is Solak has too abundant hp as the action doesn't calibration as it said it would in the way we anticipation it would (A WAY THAT MAKES IT WORTH DOING!).

The bulk and roots accepting so abundant hp admitting lower humans is aswell terrible. Arms/legs could maybe get looked at as able-bodied but should be fine? It's just these 3 things are the capital acumen why it's not annual accomplishing and if addressed it would accomplish the bang-up great.

It's too abundant of a altercation to get 7 humans for the boss, it in actuality is. Idk why they didn't accomplish it acceptable for 5 mans and get bigger splits but instead they are punished for accomplishing abate accumulation sizes.

Ramen went on about "yeah this is traveling to be just like vorago breadth humans apprentice and get abate accumulation sizes". There is annihilation to apprentice if there are a set in rock HP u accept to accord to advance which makes it not worth.

OK THANKS because id adulation to in actuality accept this bang-up not be asleep agreeable and instead a fun bang-up for people! THANKS!!!