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​Legacy approach and assorted added things

Nov-23-2018 PST

I acquaint this on the RS forums, but I'm afraid about it accepting apparent at all aback there are 10-20 alive users, compared to 2k-3k here. Acquaint beneath with a few modifications.

I'm application a Galaxy S9+. I'll go through the capital things I've noticed from arena RS Mobile.

After aperture Mobile, afresh affective assimilate PC, my complete interface is adapted to the accepted RS layout, although hardly blue (equipment tab takes is over the complete chatbox), while I consistently play on Bequest Interface mode.

Having to change that aback every. single. time. afterwards application Mobile is actual frustrating. Modifying my settings on OSRS Mobile doesn't change the PC version. Alteration the accuracy on Mobile aswell affects the desktop.

Of course, lots of borer issues. The babble button is actual boxy to columnist and about takes at atomic 3 taps. I anticipate it's accidental to accept all of these babble sizes with astronomic differences amid them.

Sure, leave an advantage for the behemothic babble that yield up a third of the screen, but the boilerplate one should be in-line with the admeasurement of OSRS Mobile one. You should aswell be able to blazon on the boilerplate sized chat.

It in actuality took at atomic 20 curtains to admired a apple on the apple baddest awning in the lobby. I apperceive you guys are alive on authoritative things added Mobile affable though, so I'm hopeful that it'll be expanded.

The loading box in the top larboard afterwards accepting in a apple is blow by the ambit of the screen, forth with a sliver of the babble expander button.

The mini-map could be a bit added square. It looks like it's cutoff, and I feel like it should be a bit larger.

If we aren't traveling to be able to use the bequest interface or adapt the interface on this, could you at atomic accomplish the abilities tab ellipsoidal and what you'd apprehend on bequest or possibly on the desktop versions. There is so abundant accidental asleep space.

It would be helpful, abnormally for new players, if the Mobile interface defaulted to accepting transparent, like OSRS. It's about a necessity. The accessories tab is unnecessarily separated.

Why not just accept the accepted attending of the accessory able on the tab button, rather than just accept the items lain out so it looks like the inventory.

It would aswell be abundant to be able to see the complete inventory. It's just seems accidental authoritative it that huge while aswell defective to scroll.

Thanks for reading.