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​Kudos Guide

Jan-07-2019 PST

Kudos is a reward item required to access certain locations in RuneScape, namely Fossil Island. Kudos can be acquired by helping the museum staff in the Varrock Museum location. Kudos does not have to be spent to reach Fossil Island, earning them is enough. Certain tasks given by museum employees need to be completed to earn Kudos. Earned Kudos is displayed in a counter in the top left of the RuneScape screen. Players can also check which tasks they have not completed yet and their Kudos count by heading to the north-west corner of the first floor of the Varrock Museum. The milestones for Kudos are:

· 100 Kudos – Access the Fossil Island location

· 150 Kudos – Access the Volcanic Mine location

· 153 Kudos – Access the Digsite location

A maximum of 225 Kudos can be earned inside the Varrock Museum. Cleaning finds rewards 50 Kudos, Answering NPC Orlando Smith’s natural history quiz rewards 28 Kudos, telling details of specific completed quests to NPC Historian Minas rewards 75 Kudos, and completing fossil exhibits rewards 72 Kudos. Each of these methods is explained below.

Cleaning Finds

Cleaning finds from the Digsite location can earn a player Kudos. Completing the quest “The Dig Site” is necessary to be able to clean finds. The quest can be completed by heading to the southern part of the first floor of the Varrock Museum. The cordoned-off area can be accessed by equipping leather boots, leather gloves, a trowel, a rock pick, and a specimen brush. All these items can be found on the tool rack on the southern wall of the museum. Once all these items are equipped, the Dig Site can be accessed, and uncleaned finds can be acquired from the rocks next to NPC Sinco Doar. Cleaning these finds is done on the open specimen tables.

There are five artifacts that can be exchanged for Kudos by speaking to any archaeologist and placing the find in the correctly numbered display. Each find rewards 10 Kudos, for a total of 50 from Cleaning Finds. These finds are:

· Pottery (Display 22)

· Old Symbol (Display 36)

· Ancient Symbol (Display 37)

· Ancient Coin (Display 44)

· Old Coin (Display 45)

Natural History Quiz

One of the easiest ways to acquire Kudos is by completing the quiz given by NPC Orlando Smith, located in the basement of the Varrock Museum. You will be tasked to read the plaques of various exhibits, which will ask three questions about that species. Only three total correct answers to an exhibit are necessary to “solve” that exhibit, and there is no penalty for wrong answers. Each exhibit solved rewards two Kudos. With 14 exhibits total a RuneScape player can earn 28 Kudos from these easy quizzes.

Completing Quests

When you complete certain quests, head to the second floor of the Varrock Museum to turn them in for Kudos and Antique Lamps, which grant experience. Free-to-play quests that can be handed in are:

Demon Slayer – Display 25– 5 Kudos

Rune Mysteries - Display 21– 5 Kudos

Shield of Arrav – Display 24 – 5 Kudos

Members quests can also be handed in, including:

A Tail of Two Cats – Display 20 – 5 Kudos

Hazeel Cult - Display 7 5 – 5 Kudos

In Aid of the Myreque – Display 23 – 5 Kudos

Making History - Display 46– 5 Kudos

Merlin's Crystal - Display 9 – 5 Kudos

Observatory Quest - Display 17 – 5 Kudos

Priest in Peril - Display 23 – 5 Kudos

Temple of Ikov - Display 28 – 5 Kudos

The Grand Tree - Display 10 – 5 Kudos

What Lies Below - Display 3 – 5 Kudos

Curse of the Empty Lord (Miniquest) - 10 Kudos


Completing the “Bone Voyage” quest allows the player to find unidentified fossils around Fossil Island. These can also be obtained from Peter in the Museum Camp, who will give the player five of these fossils [one time] after the player builds all the utilities. These fossils can be cleaned and will then be displayed on the paleontology floor of the Varrock Museum, below the Natural History floor. Completing an animal display requires a set of limbs, spine, ribs, pelvis, and skull of the same size. For plants, players must uncover a set of fossilized roots, a stump, a branch, a leaf, and a mushroom for a complete display. Each completed display rewards the player two Kudos, with some extra experience gained as well.