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​Ingenuity of the Humans is well-balanced

Dec-10-2018 PST

Apparently, I authority the abhorred assessment that the new sigil is counterbalanced just fine. Rant incoming.

The three complaints adjoin it are:

1, It has a 90-second cooldown while debuffs accept 60-second duration, so you can't accumulate your debuffs up 100% of the time.

2, It shares a cooldown with limitless.

3, It's a affirmed individual hit and it would be bigger if it were affirmed hits for all hits in a 3-second or 6-second window.

I'd like to acknowledge to each.

1) Why do you charge 100% uptime on a debuff? If you're in a accumulation boss, you can accept one mage, one meleer. Now you can accept all four aloft debuffs afterwards accepting to anguish about sigil cooldowns.

Also, action appearance diversity. You can accept one of the three action styles, afresh get 100% up-time on assertive debuffs if you use the analogous action style, or get 66% up-time on debuffs that were ahead bare or abstract for your action appearance with the sigil. So now you accept MORE options and greater flexibility, but somehow that isn't Good enough. Ok.

And if you're accomplishing a abandoned boss, afresh just use it if it counts? Also, not every appearance lasts a abounding minute?

2) This in fact seems like a antithesis affair to me. You accept to accomplish a cardinal decision. "Do I wish to get a vuln off afore I zerk, or do I wish to get an added beginning in zerk?" "Do I wish to adjournment my sunshine and lose out on 1 beginning in my sun, in barter get bang debuff off on the target?" I'm baffled at how this is such a arguable thing.

We can alone use one ambience at a time. We can alone use one amulet at a time (switch from reaper necklace, lose stacks). We can alone use one off-hand at a time. If you use reflect or barricade with a shield, you can't about-face to an off-hand and accumulate the aftereffect of the damage-reducing ability. So by what argumentation would we acquiesce application both sigils?

3) What?? If it's 3 abnormal (5 ticks), that's abundant time to get vuln, bang spec, and gstaff all off. If it's 6 abnormal (10 ticks), that's abundant time to get vuln, bang spec, quake, gstaff all out. Or if you skip convulse or gstaff, you can get vuln, bang spec, quake, agrarian magic/hurricane/snap attempt out. Anyone abroad anticipate that's just ridiculously broken?

I apperceive we accord the JMods and about the action board bits over LULbalancing, but this looks to me like they hit it adapted on the head.

I aswell don't accept the animadversion and advantaged behavior of humans pissed about the antithesis decisions. Why weren't humans agreeable about accepting clumsy to acreage ALL debuffs ALL the time afore this came out? Breadth are the humans ambitious we can use maniacal and mahjarrat and vampyrism and cheap RuneScape gold absolution all at the aforementioned time? Why aren't we afire down reddit over the actuality that you can't use disruption absorber for every individual hit you take? Why should we abide aggregate cd of sunshine and metamorphosis? Appear on people.

No. I anticipate it's altogether fair that it's just one hit affirmed to hit. (IMO that's a torn aftereffect as it is.) I anticipate it's fair you accept to accomplish cardinal decisions about which sigil to use. I anticipate it's fair you accept to adjudge which humans use which action styles in a aggregation encounter. I anticipate it's altogether fair that you can't get 100% up-time from debuffs that don't bout your gear's action style.