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​Individual accounts a botheration for mobile

Oct-13-2018 PST

I've absorb today aggravating to get the adaptable app working. Afterwards some absolute testing I've arise to the cessation that something about some RuneScape accounts is causing a botheration and authoritative the adaptable app crash.

What's worse is that if this happens, the app will consistently afterwards bang at the log-in screen. The alone way to "uncorrupt" the app is to annul the app's stored abstracts and accumulation from aural the Android settings menu.

I acquire two accounts, which I will accredit to as "Member Account" and "F2P Account". This is a associates alone beta, so F2P accounts should not acquire admission to the beta - this is accepted and to be expected. The purpose of this assay is to verify that the abolition botheration is in actuality annual related.

I acquire attempted to log-in to ceremony annual several times. The after-effects are 100% connected on every individual attempt.

#1 "Member Account" (AKA "Uncle Pob")

When I log into this annual entering accurate abstracts and absolute authenticator, the app will bang aural the next additional or two. I may sometimes see a abrupt glimpse of the antechamber afore the absolute bang occurs, but the bang is inevitable.

When I next relaunch the app, the app will bang anon aloft announcement the login screen. It doesn't bulk whether I chose to save my login abstracts from the antecedent advance or not, from this point on the bold will consistently bang afore I get an befalling to admission or change any argument in the boxes. This bearings can alone be rectified by deleting RuneScape's abstracts and accumulation from the Android settings.

#2 F2P Annual (AKA "Mr Pob")

This annual can auspiciously log-in to the lobby, and can calmly break there. The annual aswell has an authenticator, just like the Affiliate Account.

I can calmly use any/all appearance of the antechamber with this account. I can admission and change the options settings, I can appearance the apple list, I can forward and recieve letters to/from in-game accounts. I can log-out, and log-in as abounding times as I like and the app charcoal abiding and solid.

I can abutting and relauch the app, and the app charcoal abiding and allows me to log-in again, independant of whether I abundance the login abstracts or not.

The alone affair I cannot do is accompany a world: attempting to do so makes a bright attempt, but armament the antechamber to reload with a bulletin advertence that alone associates can participate in the beta; this is accepted and fine.

So what is causing this massive aberration in behavior?

My F2P account, abreast from accepting F2P (which I don't anticipate in actuality affairs here, alfresco of the brake on abutting a world), is a absolute low akin under-developed F2P, with an abandoned bank, no title, no pets, and no accumulated bold abstracts ataxia in the save file.

My Affiliate annual is adequately top level, has hundreds of items in the bank, lots of titles and pets, and a lot of accumulated bold abstracts ataxia as a artefact of accommodating in a advanced ambit of assorted content.

So my Affiliate annual save book is allegedly abundant bigger than my F2P account, which could be why my adaptable handles the F2P accomplished but crashes if aggravating to bulk the Member.

Alternatively, with a bigger added developed book comes the achievability there is some baby bribery or abhorrence in there.

I acquire apparent in actuality a lot of acknowledgment from bodies who arise to be experiencing the aforementioned abolition affection as me. Those of you who acquire assorted accounts should accomplish abiding and try every annual you have, even F2P accounts, and try to assay which ones bang and which ones don't.

If you acquire assorted affiliate accounts and accomplished the abolition if aggravating to bulk your main, you should definately try ceremony and every annual you own, because one of them (or more) adeptness be able to be acclimated with mobile, or may be a lot added stable.