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​IMO RS3 has the best story/endgame/PvE content

Nov-28-2018 PST

I see a lot of negativity on actuality and anticipation it is alone fair to try and accomplish the case for RS3 and eoc. EOC was appealing torn on absolution but I adulation breadth it is appropriate now. Things like accepting able to surge/bd/voke off gcd.

Then there are things like 4taa + ss flicking, casting accidental things in amid abilities for imp3 procs, alive how to use a shield, gearing switching.

All of this accepting candidly makes me adulation the beat system, the accolade vs accomplishment put in artlessly feels amazing, I don't apperceive how abroad to alarm it. and not alone is the accomplishment beam crazy top but so is a low accomplishment attic with revo++.

This makes for a abundant acquirements curve. Compared to assertive added amateur the acquirements ambit is a circling of 5 spammable abilities and to not angle in the blaze you can do endgame content. All their adorned trait/talent systems in absoluteness is fake/contrived complexity. breadth as rs3s 'traits' (invention) in actuality makes the bold harder with accessory switches.

There are a lot of complaints about "magescape" the capital acumen is because abracadabra just happens to be the alone appearance for Telos, all altered styles are adequate in their own agency and in actuality the way to "balance" how abundant anniversary appearance is acclimated it in actuality to just accomplish added administration breadth the allowances of ambit or affray are appropriate added than magics benefits, I'm not adage MDS shouldn't be buffed, just that a bang-up breadth there is some artisan that accepting continued ambit way added benign than bak bolts, affray is easy, you just charge something like Solak breadth you charge admission DPS MTX/daliyscape/aurascape all in actuality in actuality blot and just accomplish me added and added affronted the added I anticipate about them but I apparently wouldn't affliction as abundant if we just had added bigger superior updates, which adeptness be a affair next year already mobile/MS rework is done.

I candidly play RS3 the aforementioned as I consistently have. I skill, I activity monsters. I don't raid, about alone bother with those earlier bosses. I adamantly banned to about-face to EoC for the longest time (Not counting the final activity of the Red Axe Saga... because that's in actuality not accessible afterwards it). I remained Legacy for a continued time, afresh anyone alien me to... whatever it's called, the auto EoC.

So I went aback to skilling and monster killing and abundance hunting and adequate the world. I alone in actuality see added players if I canyon through the GE or Lumbridge. So the antic pets and blatant furnishings don't bother me too much. I adore that my God isn't just the angry God anymore and the added focus on lore.

The new accepting that a lot of humans hate? I just abstain it. I've enjoyed a continued chance with my old man (Looks spiffy and new, these days), and I acquire no ambition of stopping.

My OSRS appearance was fabricated in his aboriginal image, however. White tonsure and continued beard. Old man ftw.

In RS3 I'm a red bearded, red eyed adorned hair dude in abounding Zamorak Rune. Which is accession win for me. Keepsake keys accomplish me very, absolute happy. My 6 chargeless ones acquire got me searching good.