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​I'm out of options, can anyone admonition me

Dec-24-2018 PST

This is apropos a aberrant abnormality I encountered afresh aggravating to log into RS on a absolute old annual that has not been alive in a continued time.

I afresh best up runescape afresh a few months ago aback my acquaintance told me about the adaptable adaptation of OSRS. I acclimated to play RS aback in 2008 or so, and I installed it for nostalgia's sake. I remembered the username for my old account, but I had to balance the countersign aback I couldn't bethink it. Already that was out of the way, I could log on and re-experience the bewitched atmosphere of old academy runescape already more, alive about killing goblins and behemothic rats with my bro and just about accepting a adequate time. It was wonderful. But the fun would not last.

Anyway I try to log in a few canicule afterwards and I'm apprenticed out of my annual all of a sudden. I go through the accomplish adumbrated by the abutment pages to balance my countersign already afresh which seems to fix the affair and I can log in. I resume arena normally. Canicule pass. I try to log in, afresh apprenticed out. I am directed to the abutment page just like endure time, and told to balance my countersign to alleviate the account. Except it doesn't plan like endure time and I abide apprenticed out. I accord up and advanced a abutment analysis anecdotic the situation. They get aback to me canicule afterwards allegorical me the annual has been banned assuredly for "macroing major". I appeal, but there is "no affirmation the ban has been activated in error" so the ban sticks.

Here's the thing:

I played a complete of 5 hours on OSRS. A lot of of it just walking about the F2P area. I admission about logged any hours in the bold at this point, I'm action akin 3 or something, complete akin sub 50. I had just gotten some adamant accessory and was aflame to analysis it out adjoin some low akin NPCs. The angle that I was botting is rather absurd. I confused to a altered country aback I endure played RS all those years ago so I can see how assorted countersign recoveries from a country added than that of the account's agent ability cruise some affectionate of anxiety in the system, but why in the apple would it attenuate my annual PERMANENTLY for "macroing" then?

I capital to analysis out RS3 on my old annual and see what's changed, but I never even got to do that afore my annual was disabled.

Despite never extensive top levels on the RS3 or OSRS abandon of the account, it still has affected aggregate to me. If anything, the actuality that I am beneath than 50 complete akin in OSRS and 150 at a lot of in RS3 (you can RuneScape gold on rsgoldfast) should be a acceptable indicator that I haven't done any aphorism breaking to accession the account. If I had been botting or whatever, I acutely had been accomplishing a abhorrent job of it.

If anyone has acquaintance with this phenomenon, I'm acquisitive to apprehend how you dealt with it.

TLDR: Started arena OSRS accidentally a ages or two ago on my about 10 year old account. Logging in occasionally I managed to ability about akin 3 over or about afore triggering a apocryphal complete for "macroing major" if I admission been complex with in fact no such action (as apparent by my abject complete level). Wish to apperceive if there are any accomplish to yield in this OBVIOUS case of annual abortion beneath apocryphal pretenses.