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I have a concern regarding Jagex and their naming system

Jun-30-2023 PST

I am curious about how their offensive name detection works. I have come across numerous instances of racist, disgusting, and highly inappropriate names that should not be allowed in the game, yet they are present. Yes, some players utilize different characters, numbers, and unconventional combinations to bypass the system, but these names should still not be permitted in the game. With all of this in mind, let's delve into the main point of my rant, which may seem trivial to some, but I feel compelled to address it. I have been compelled to change my name now and must wait an entire year before being able to select a new one.

The primary reason for my annoyance and the reason behind this post is that I believe I was neither deceptive nor offensive in my original name. I had the name "titty face," which I found to be lighthearted, amusing, and harmless. I used that name for approximately three years and it became somewhat legendary. Random players passing by often complimented my name and found it enjoyable. Then, after three whole years, I logged in one day and was forced to change my name. I had not engaged in any behavior that warranted a name change; it was solely due to the inclusion of the word "titty" in my name. I was genuinely disappointed since I had grown attached to the name over such a long period, but I reasoned that perhaps the word "titty" was no longer permitted in names. Thus, I proceeded to change my name and, lo and behold, Jagex still allowed the inclusion of "titty" in an RSN (RuneScape Name).

Great! So I chose the name "face titty." However, after approximately three weeks, I was forced to change my name once again. I thought to myself, surely if they disapprove of that word, they would not permit it in names anymore! Once again, I went to change my name and checked if the word was still allowed, and unsurprisingly, Jagex still permitted "titty" to be included in an RSN. This time, I settled on "god titty." Now, after approximately 2-3 weeks, I logged in today only to discover that my name had been changed to a completely random one that I did not choose, and I am not permitted to change it for another 364 days. I fail to comprehend how this constitutes a valid punishment. If the word I had been using in my RSN was considered offensive, why did Jagex allow it to be included in my name? I did not employ any unconventional characters, numbers, or any other means to bypass the naming system. I was honest and yet faced punishment. I am particularly unhappy because I am close to achieving maximum levels, and now I will be reaching that milestone with a random RSN that does not reflect my true identity.

Ultimately, I hope Jagex can understand my perspective and acknowledge that they allowed the name despite my subsequent punishments. If the word is offensive, then it should not be permitted in RSNs in the first place. Moreover, let's be honest, "titty face" is humorous, and I believe deep down they know it. Please, Jagex, allow me to change my name, and if you do not want "titty" to be included, then prevent its usage altogether.

Jagex is punishing me for adhering to their own rules. I had "titty" in my name three times, and each time they forced me to change it until they ultimately changed it for me and imposed a one-year waiting period before I can choose a new name. I did nothing to circumvent the naming system; I simply had "titty" in my name (which they allowed) and faced consequences for it. I kindly request that Jagex rescind the one-year ban on name changes and include "titty" in the list of disallowed words for RSNs if they truly do not want it to be used. Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint.