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​I had a bigger appulse on that game

Sep-27-2018 PST

Just afflicted my adeptness on actuality because I accomplished I had a bigger appulse on that bold that I thought... aback in 2005

So I'll try to accomplish this brief-

I acclimated to run nats for Scarfuncle aback in 2004ish (Larryr, accession alarming girl, was basically my advancement crafter if Scar wasn't on).

It was absurd money, anybody was alarming (except you humans that blanket ess), and it was ambrosial easy.

For those unaware:

Essentially you started by authoritative your way to karamja (take the baiter from Lumbridge could could cause fuck lodestones) with 25 unnoted aspect and a attributes tali in your account and two abandoned slot. Some crafters would barter off nats instead of cash, so you could alone do 24 at a time (geepees were an account item. This was aswell afore tiaras were a thing).

You would barter your unnoted aspect to the crafter and accept 25 acclaimed aspect and ~13k banknote or ~40 nats (I rarely ran for nats directly). You would afresh run to the boutique abreast the tai bwo wannai apple and advertise the acclaimed aspect and buy them aback unnoted. You would afresh run aback and echo the process. Again, this is afore any weight-reducing gear, surge/barrage/etc, teles to the alter, etc.

It was crazily adequate money for the time (100k+ an hour if you could buy a phat for < 5m), actual little accident (ocasionally humans would cut the beard accepting and the broodoo guys would attack), and anybody was air-conditioned cool. No one was 99 RC yet, but basically all the crafters could do 2x nats (this was aswell afore the time that you could adeptness 2x afore 91. Idk if the change happened, but it acclimated to be 1x from 44-91, afresh 2x afterwards that). This was aswell afore authentic aspect was a thing.

So anyway, I had run for Scarfuncle for a while (I in actuality bought my aboriginal affair hat from her), but I noticed that a lot of of the crafters all operated on the aforementioned apple and the abashing at the boutique would get animated at times. Humans would advertise their aspect and others would snipe, the boutique would "reset" with one aspect disappearing, etc. Anyway, I had an abstraction about it and brought it up to her one day.

It took a adapted aggregate of time to barter both gp and acclaimed ess, and there would usually be curve at anniversary of the crafters at the alter. Aspect were adequately cheap, so I adapted that she could just barter me a aggregate bulk of ess, and I could just accumulate the boutique abounding if it got low. It would ahead her accepting to consistently barter two things instead of one, it would ahead all the bitching from humans who had their ess sniped, and aggregate would run a lot smoother. She admired it and we approved it out that day.

I had been alive for her for months, and we had talked in actuality a bit. She trusted me with this new method, and it formed out amazing. Humans were able to backpack 26 ess at a time instead of the 25 (she alone had banknote + nats + 26 abandoned slots now), and she didn't accept to decay time with both items in the trade. I would still run with 25, befitting a huge banal of ess on me and occasionally restocking the boutique if it got low. A few of the added crafters bought into this as well, and it concluded up accepting added able for everybody.

I was cerebration about Scarfuncle beforehand account accession column on actuality and ample I'd accord it a google aback she was a adequately arresting amateur aback in the day and stumbled aloft this column on

It says "Scarfuncle: Was the added amateur to adeptness 99 runescrafting ( right? ) and fabricated the best runecrafting adviser ever, anon after. Also, the inventer of the stocking method."

Just capital to analyze that it was I, one of her apprehensive runners, who came up with it. Achievement this was a homesickness cruise for a atomic a few of you.