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How to Obtain and Use the Skavid Map in OSRS

Jun-08-2024 PST

Exploring the vast and mysterious world of Old School RS often requires keen navigation skills and a knack for uncovering hidden secrets. One such secret lies within the depths of the Skavid Caves in Gu'Tanoth, where adventurers can embark on thrilling quests and uncover valuable treasures. However, gaining access to these caves requires a crucial item: the Skavid Map. In this guide, we'll delve into the process of obtaining and using the Skavid Map in OSRS, ensuring that no intrepid explorer is left wandering in the dark.

How to Obtain and Use the Skavid Map in OSRS

Where to Find the Skavid Map

The journey to obtain the Skavid Map begins amidst the bustling activity of the Watchtower quest in Gu'Tanoth. As players delve into the questline, they'll learn about the looming threat of ogres and the strategic importance of Yanille's watchtower. It is during this quest that adventurers can seize the opportunity to acquire the elusive Skavid Map.

To obtain the Skavid Map, players must venture to the end of the path leading to Gu'Tanoth and seek out the ogre city guards stationed there. However, gaining their cooperation requires a bit of negotiation. First, adventurers must come prepared with a Rock Cake to bribe the ogre guard. Additionally, they'll need 20 Coins to pay another guard for access to jump over the broken bridge. Finally, a Death Rune must be offered to the city guard in exchange for the coveted Skavid Map.

Once these prerequisites are met and the Watchtower quest is completed, players can obtain the Skavid Map by simply speaking to one of the city guards. These guards are typically found near an ogre named Keef, situated near the Agility shortcut on the eastern hill. Note that a minimum Agility level of 71 is required to utilize this shortcut.

Utilizing the Skavid Map

With the Skavid Map secured, adventurers can now unlock the secrets hidden within the Skavid Caves. Unlike some items in OSRS that require specific interactions or usage instructions, the Skavid Map operates simply by being present in the player's inventory.

Upon approaching the entrance to the Skavid Caves, adventurers need only ensure that the Skavid Map is safely stored among their belongings. There's no need to read or interact with the map directly; as long as it remains in the inventory, players will successfully gain entry to the caves when interacting with the entrance.


The acquisition and utilization of the Skavid Map in OSRS provide players with access to exciting new adventures and lucrative opportunities within the Skavid Caves of Gu'Tanoth. By embarking on the Watchtower quest and navigating the negotiations with the ogre city guards, adventurers can add this invaluable item to their inventory and unlock the mysteries hidden beneath the surface. You can get osrs powerleveling/boosting and osrs items services from, and with the help of a team of professionals, you will be rewarded for completing tasks faster and easier.