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​How to Make Money While Cooking Skills on RuneScape

Feb-10-2023 PST

Old School RuneScape features seven different skills, including artisan, combat, support, gathering, cooking skill, etc., that you need to master to survive. Here we will be discussing the best methods to earn money in RuneScape with the cooking skill. You need to gather raw materials from the open world and cook them to make them edible. Food is important to keep you going, and it regenerates all the HP that you lost in the battle. The best thing is that you can make money with cooking skills, and here is how you can do it.

1. Tick Cooking Karambwans

The Tick Cooking Karambwans method is very popular as you can make more than five hundred thousand coins in one hour only. You need a minimum cooking level of thirty, while the recommended cooking level is ninety. The average experience point earned by this method is around eight hundred thousand. The earnings through this method depend on your cooking level, so you can upgrade the Skill first.

Before you start this method, complete the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. You should also get the family crest and the hundred percent hosidius favor for maximum benefit. For cooking tics, you can go to any nearby ranger campfire. Some of the best cooking spots are given below.

· Al Kharid – Range north of the bank features twenty-two cooking spaces.

· Edgeville – Stove west to the bank features twenty-five cooking spaces.

· Falador – Range west of the east bank features twenty-nine cooking spaces.

To start cooking, go to the range and adjust your camera angle in order to keep the inventory near the stove. The next step is to just manually add tics to the stove to cook them. Compared to normal cooking, where you need to make four clicks, you can cook all the ticks with just one click for each tick.

2. AFK Cooking Karambwans

The AFK Cooking Karambwans will provide you with more than two hundred thousand gold coins in one hour, and the recommended skill level for this Skill is ninety. The biggest benefit of this method is that you don’t have to do any clicks at all because it is an AFK method. Compared to all the other raw materials, Karambwans are the best as they provide players with the most money for less hard work. The only suitable match of Karambwans in the entire Old School RuneScape is dark crabs.

3. Dark Crabs

Dark Crabs cooking requires level ninety-nine cooking skills while the minimum skill level is ninety. By cooking dark crabs, you can make around two hundred thousand gold in OSRS. Along with these coins, this method also provides players with around two hundred thousand experience points to level up the Skill at the same time. Although they offer the same earnings as Karambwans, most players avoid them because the cooking level requirement of dark carbs is way higher. No matter how good of a cook you are, you can still burn dark crabs on the stove unless you have a level ninety-nine cooking skill.

4. Raw Sharks

Cooking raw sharks requires level eighty-nine cooking skills, which is good for entry-level cooks, but the earnings are very low compared to the above-mentioned methods. In terms of gold coins, the average earning from cooking raw sharks for one hour is one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins. It is beneficial when it comes to experience points through shark cooking because you will get two hundred and fifty thousand experience points. This method is also AFK which means you don’t have to do any clicks at all until you have raw sharks in your bag.

5. Plain Pizzas

The cooking Plain Pizzas method made it to this list because it is the best option for beginners in OSRS. The cooking level requirement for Plain Pizzas is just thirty-five while the recommended level is sixty-eight, which can be achieved in no time at all. With this cooking skill level, you can make around one hundred and sixty thousand osrs gold coins in one hour by cooking Plain Pizzas. You will also earn seventy thousand experience points from this method at the same time. This method is very different because it includes many ingredients, and things can easily go wrong here. For cooking Plain Pizzas, below are all the ingredients that you need, and you won’t get anything if you miss any ingredients.

· Pizza Base

· Cheese

· Tomato

In one inventory, you can make around nine Plain Pizzas. You need to do a lot of clicks to cook pizzas, but it is the best option for upgrading your cooking Skill. You can switch to other methods once you achieve that cooking level. After you reach level sixty, you won’t have to worry about burning pizzas.