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How to make gold bracelets OSRS


How to make gold bracelets OSRS

Making gold bracelets in Old School RuneScape is relatively easy.  This is because you only require level 7 Crafting, a bracelet mound, and a gold bar for each bracelet you’d like to make! There are many furnace locations to choose from. All factors, including furnace locations, will be comprehensively covered in our guide.

You will need to have a members account to craft gold bracelets.

What furnace should I craft at?

The most accessible furnace would be Edgeville to make gold bracelets. Edgeville furnace is very close to the Grand Exchange, to allow you to buy and sell any items you need quickly.

Edgeville furnace is 14 squares away from Edgeville bank. This is extremely efficient in contrast to Al Kharid’s furnace to 30 squares away from the Al Kharid bank.

With that said, the Shio Village furnace is 11 squares away from the nearest bank. However, this does have some hefty questing requirements to access. Beyond that, you must also pay 20 coins for each use of the furnace (though you can deposit coins with the nearby NPC). If you have Karamja gloves 4, you will get unlimited free access. With that said, you may still prefer the Edgeville furnace because it is very close to the Grand Exchange.

How do I get to level 7 crafting?

To get to level 7, you need 650 experience (XP).  Doing the simple quests, Misthalin Mystery and Sheep Shearer (or Goblin Diplomacy in place of Sheep Shearer), will get you the required levels. All three of those quests are available for free-to-play players.

Alternatively, you can craft 260 pieces of wool into balls of wool from level 1. This would actually be done at a 50,000 GP loss because people simply don’t use balls of wools in the economy of Old School RuneScape, but gold bracelets are certainly demanded. The preferred method would be to craft leather into leather gloves from level 1, using a needle with some thread in your inventory on a piece of leather. You’d have to make 48 pairs of leather gloves from level 1 but would incur a small loss of around 10k GP. You’d get 10k GP from Stronghold of Security in Barbarian Village.

You can also make 52 pots, using soft clay. To obtain soft clay, simply mine clay and humidify it. Clay can be mined at level 1 mining, so it’s not hard to obtain. You simply need to use a bucket/jug of water on the clay to convert it into soft clay. From there you can make an unrefined pot from a Potter’s Wheel, and then make the pot using a Pottery Oven. With that said, items can burn in the Pottery Oven, so it is hard to estimate how much soft clay you need in total, or the cost if you buy directly from the Grand Exchange.

How do I obtain a bracelet mound?

If you do not have a bracelet mound, you can buy one from the Grand Exchange. If it appears the bracelet mound is not being sold, simply raise your prices.

Alternatively, if you are a (Hardcore) Ironman, or simply wish to save money, you can obtain a bracelet mound at any crafting store. It is sold at 5 GP in crafting stores, in contrast to 300+ GP in the Grand Exchange. An example of a crafting store location is Dommik's Crafting Store in Al Kharid.

Is making gold bracelets profitable? What are they used for?

Making gold bracelets in OSRS can be profitable as a low-level money-maker. With each trip from the furnace to the bank, you will be able to make 27 bracelets at once. Ensure to use the right-click option to make all bracelets at once.

You can expect to make around 150k osrs gold an hour if you simply craft gold bracelets and sell them – alongside plenty of crafting experience, especially for lower levels! The gold bracelet itself actually has no stat bonuses, nor can it be enchanted by any spell whatsoever. A Dragonstone amulet could be enchanted to an Amulet of Glory. Nothing like this is the case for gold bracelets. Instead, its main usage is for high-level alchemy, as the losses are minimal with a generous high alchemy price. This is used to train magic.

As a final tip, remember you are heaviest when you are running with gold bars, not bracelets. To have maximal run energy, walk with bars to the furnace and run on the way back (with bracelets). This is helpful if you have a low agility level and/or no Graceful outfit to ensure you keep maximal run energy.

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