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​How to Make Gold Bracelets in OSRS

Nov-07-2022 PST

Players think that making a gold bracelet osrs is difficult but it is one of the easiest bracelets that they can make in the game right now. If you have a level 7 crafting skill and have enough gold in your bag, you can create a gold bracelet in seconds. This process also requires a bracelet mound.

Those who have got some extra money in OSRS can buy gold bracelets from other players but new players don’t have this luxury so they opt for making them instead. There will be a point in the game where you will have enough ruby bracelet osrs and you can sell them to make some money.

Here is the ultimate gold bracelet-making guide in OSRS along with locations of furnaces and a guide to increase your crafting level.

Best Furnace Location

Furnace location also matters when it comes to making gold bracelets in OSRS. Before making a gold bracelet, choose a furnace on the map which is nearest to your safehouse to put all the extra gold bracelets in the safe house and sell them later.

One of the best furnace locations is edgeville because the grand exchange is nearby and you can immediately sell gold bracelets after crafting them from pure gold. If you are short on gold, buy it from the grand exchange near edgeville. Equip the karamja gloves to get unlimited access to any furnace for free.

There is another furnace near the Al-kharid but you need to cover more distance to access the bank compared to the edgeville furnace. If you are a high-level player, you can complete those side quests to unlock the shio village furnace. For using a furnace in any of these locations, you need to pay a fee of 20 coins.

Guide to Increase the crafting level

For crafting level 7, you need a minimum of sixty hundred and fifty experience points which aren’t that much for old players but new players have to grind for them. Complete the Misthalin Mystery and Sheep Shearer quest to get crafting level 7.

If you are at crafting level, you have the option to make 260 balls of wool out of pure wool for experience points. There is a drawback in this method as balls of wool don’t have any demand on the grand exchange which means you have to eventually throw them away.

Other crafting leveling options include making leather gloves with needles and leather or making clay pots with soft clay. There is a cost that you need to bear to increase the crafting leveling by crafting items in OSRS as nothing is free here and you either have to grind for them or buy them from the grand exchange at a heft price tag. 

How to obtain a bracelet mound

Whenever you craft something in OSRS, the raw materials are important but some items require other things as well. When it comes to crafting gold bracelets, you also need a bracelet mound which you can easily buy from the grand exchange for a few hundred coins.

There is an alternative to this method to get the bracelet mound through which you will get it for five coins only. If you are an ironman in OSRS, the second method is for you as you can get a bracelet mound from the nearest crafting store.

For crafting clay pots, you can take mine clay and mix it with water to make soft clay. Take the soft clay to the pottery wheel and craft clay pots before cooking them in the pottery oven. After cooking the pots, they are ready and you have to repeat this process until you achieve the desired crafting level to start crafting gold bracelets.

Usage of Gold Bracelets

If you are a low-level player and want to make some money without grinding, crafting gold bracelets and selling them at the grand exchange is beneficial for you. With the right quantity of raw materials and bracelet mounds, you can craft 27 bracelets in a single trip to the furnace.

If everything goes according to the plan, you will be able to make more than one hundred and fifty thousand osrs gold coins in an hour which isn’t bad for beginners. Along with those gold coins, all those crafting experience points will increase your crafting level.

There are no benefits of the gold bracelet for the player as it doesn’t offer any stat bonuses nor can you enchant them. When you sell it at the grand exchange, someone with a magic character will buy it for training purposes.

Having stacks of gold in your bag isn’t a good option as it increases your overall weight and you can’t run faster. Instead of wasting tons of osrs gold, craft it into gold bracelets and sell it for some coins to make some money while doing nothing.