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How to Get the Skavid Map in OSRS

Jul-11-2024 PST

Exploring the world of Old School RS (OSRS) offers a variety of quests and adventures, with one particularly challenging and intriguing area being the Skavid Caves in Gu'Tanoth. To properly navigate these caves, you'll need the Skavid Map. Without it, you'll be promptly ejected from the caves upon entry. Acquiring the Skavid Map can be tricky, especially if you lose it. Fortunately, this guide covers everything you need to know about obtaining and using the Skavid Map.

How to Get the Skavid Map in OSRS

Where to Get the Skavid Map

The Skavid Map is essential for exploring the Skavid Caves, and obtaining it is tied to the Watchtower quest. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to acquire the map:

During the Watchtower Quest

Start the Watchtower Quest: To begin, you must start the Watchtower quest, which involves aiding the city of Yanille by restoring its watchtower to prepare for an impending ogre raid. This osrs quest will lead you to the ogre city of Gu'Tanoth.

Journey to Gu'Tanoth: Head to Gu'Tanoth, located southwest of Yanille. The path leading to Gu'Tanoth is guarded by ogres, and you'll need specific items to proceed:

1.Rock Cake: To bribe the ogre guard.

2.20 Coins: To pay a guard to jump over the broken bridge.

3.Death Rune: To exchange with the city guard for the Skavid Map.

Bribe the Guards: Upon reaching the entrance of Gu'Tanoth, you'll encounter several ogre guards. Follow these steps:

1.Bribe the First Guard with a Rock Cake: This will allow you to proceed further.

2.Pay the Second Guard 20 Coins: This will let you jump over the broken bridge.

3.Exchange a Death Rune for the Skavid Map: The city guard at the end of the path will give you the Skavid Map in exchange for a Death Rune.

By following these steps, you'll successfully obtain the Skavid Map during the Watchtower quest.

After Completing the Watchtower Quest

If you have completed the Watchtower quest and need to reacquire the Skavid Map, the process is straightforward:

Locate the City Guards: After the quest, the Skavid Map can be obtained from the city guards. These guards are located near an ogre named Keef, next to the Agility shortcut on the eastern hill of Gu'Tanoth.

Talk to the Guards: Simply speak to one of the city guards, and they will provide you with a new Skavid Map. Note that accessing the guards via the Agility shortcut requires 71 Agility.

By completing the Watchtower quest, you gain the convenience of easily obtaining a new Skavid Map whenever needed.

How to Use the Skavid Map

Using the Skavid Map is straightforward. Here's what you need to do:

Keep the Skavid Map in Your Inventory: To enter the Skavid Caves, ensure that the Skavid Map is in your inventory. There is no need to read or interact with the map.

Enter the Skavid Caves: With the Skavid Map in your inventory, approach the entrance of the Skavid Caves. You will be able to enter the caves without any issues.

The Skavid Map does not have any additional functions or interactions; it simply needs to be present in your inventory to grant access to the caves.

Exploring the Skavid Caves

Once you have the Skavid Map and can access the Skavid Caves, you'll encounter a variety of challenges and opportunities within. Here are some tips for navigating and making the most of your exploration:

Prepare for Combat: The Skavid Caves are home to various aggressive creatures, so be prepared for combat. Bring appropriate gear, food, and potions to ensure your survival.

Bring Light Sources: The caves can be dark, so bringing a light source such as a lantern or a torch is advisable to navigate the area safely.

Complete Related Quests: Several quests, including the Watchtower quest, require you to explore the Skavid Caves. Make sure to complete these quests for valuable rewards and further access to Gu'Tanoth.

Gather Resources: The Skavid Caves contain various resources and items that can be collected. Keep an eye out for valuable loot and materials.

Map Your Path: Since the Skavid Caves can be labyrinthine, consider mapping your path or referring to online maps to avoid getting lost.

Losing and Reacquiring the Skavid Map

It's possible to lose the Skavid Map, whether through death, dropping it accidentally, or other means. If this happens, you'll need to reacquire it. Here's a quick recap on how to do so:

During the Quest: Follow the initial quest steps to get another map from the city guard in exchange for a Death Rune.

Post-Quest: Simply talk to the city guards near Keef on the eastern hill to receive a new Skavid Map.

Ensuring you always have a Skavid Map in your inventory is crucial for uninterrupted exploration of the Skavid Caves.


The Skavid Map is an essential item for anyone looking to delve into the depths of the Skavid Caves in Gu'Tanoth. Whether you're on the Watchtower quest or exploring post-quest, obtaining and using the map is vital for your journey. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you'll ensure you always have access to the Skavid Caves and can fully explore all the content and challenges OSRS has to offer in this intriguing area, and get more great osrs items and more osrs gold. Happy adventuring!