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How To Get The Bones To Peaches Spell in OSRS

Jul-05-2024 PST

Old School RS(OSRS) is filled with unique and useful spells that enhance gameplay and provide various strategic advantages. One such spell is Bones to Peaches, a Members-only spell that requires 60 Magic to cast and transforms bones into peaches, which can be eaten to restore health. However, unlike many spells in the standard spellbook, simply reaching the required Magic level isn't enough to unlock Bones to Peaches. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to acquire this valuable spell.

How To Get The Bones To Peaches Spell in OSRS

What Is Bones to Peaches?

Bones to Peaches is a transformation spell that converts regular bones in your inventory into peaches. Each peach restores 8 Hitpoints, making this spell particularly useful for long PvM (Player versus Monster) encounters where conserving food is crucial. The spell requires the following runes to cast:

4 Earth Runes

4 Water Runes

2 Nature Runes

Alternatively, if you're wielding a Mud Battlestaff, which provides unlimited Earth and Water runes, you'll only need the 2 Nature Runes to cast the spell.

Why Is Bones to Peaches Useful?

Bones to Peaches is an invaluable spell for several reasons:

Saves Inventory Space: By converting bones, which are often dropped by monsters, into food, you can effectively carry more healing items without needing extra inventory space.

Sustainable Healing: This spell provides a sustainable source of healing during lengthy battles or Slayer tasks, reducing the need to bank frequently for more food.

Economical: Instead of spending gold on food, you can use the bones dropped by enemies to keep yourself healed, which is cost-effective in the long run.

Steps to Unlock Bones to Peaches

Unlocking Bones to Peaches involves completing a specific mini-game and obtaining points to purchase the spell. Here's a detailed breakdown of the steps required:

1. Access the Mage Training Arena

The first step is to gain access to the Mage Training Arena (MTA), located in the northeast part of Al Kharid. To get there, head to Al Kharid and then go northeast, past the Duel Arena. The MTA is a specialized area where players can earn points by solving various magical puzzles and challenges.

2. Requirements

Before you start, ensure you meet the following requirements:

Magic Level 60: You must have at least level 60 Magic to unlock and cast the Bones to Peaches spell.

Runes: Bring plenty of Earth, Water, Nature, and Cosmic Runes. These are needed to complete the various activities in the MTA.

3. Complete the MTA Puzzles

The Mage Training Arena consists of four different types of activities, each rewarding points in different categories. To unlock Bones to Peaches, you'll need to earn points in each of these activities:

a. Enchantment Chamber

In the Enchantment Chamber, you'll use enchantment spells to transform items into orbs. Here’s what you need to do:

Bring Cosmic Runes and the appropriate elemental runes for the enchantment spells.

Collect dragonstones, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds from the room and use your enchantment spells on them.

Deposit the enchanted items into the corresponding slots to earn points.

b. Alchemist’s Playground

The Alchemist’s Playground involves using the High Level Alchemy spell to convert items into gold. To maximize points:

Bring Nature Runes and Fire Runes or a Fire Staff.

Pick up items from the shelves and use High Level Alchemy on them to turn them into coins.

Deposit the coins into the coin collector for points.

c. Creature Graveyard

In the Creature Graveyard, you must convert bones into fruit using the Bones to Bananas spell. To earn points efficiently:

Bring Nature Runes and Earth Runes.

Collect bones scattered around the room and cast Bones to Bananas to convert them into bananas.

Deposit the bananas into the food chute to earn points.

d. Telekinetic Theatre

In the Telekinetic Theatre, you'll use the Telekinetic Grab spell to solve mazes. The process involves:

Bring Law Runes and Air Runes or an Air Staff.

Move the statues to their designated spots using the Telekinetic Grab spell.

Each completed maze awards points.

4. Earn Points

To unlock Bones to Peaches, you need to accumulate the following points:

200 Enchantment Points

300 Alchemist Points

200 Graveyard Points

200 Telekinetic Points

This process can be time-consuming, so it's advisable to bring ample runes and be prepared for a bit of a grind. Efficient use of runes and time management will help speed up the process.

5. Purchase the Bones to Peaches Spell

Once you have gathered the required points, head to the Rewards Guardian located in the Mage Training Arena. Speak to the guardian and select the option to purchase the Bones to Peaches spell. The cost in points will be deducted from your total, and you will now have access to the spell in your spellbook.

6. Use the Spell

With the Bones to Peaches spell unlocked, you can now cast it whenever you have the necessary runes. Remember, using a Mud Battlestaff can greatly reduce the rune cost, as it provides unlimited Earth and Water runes.

Tips for Efficiently Earning Points

Here are some tips to help you efficiently earn points in the Mage Training Arena:

Bring Plenty of Runes: Stock up on the necessary runes before entering the MTA. This will prevent unnecessary trips to the bank.

Use Elemental Staves: Use staves that provide unlimited elemental runes to save on rune costs.

Plan Your Strategy: Focus on one activity at a time to avoid spreading your resources too thin. 

Complete one type of activity until you have enough points, then move on to the next.

Watch Tutorials: If you're unfamiliar with the MTA activities, consider watching video tutorials or reading detailed guides to optimize your strategy.


Unlocking the Bones to Peaches spell in Old School RuneScape is a valuable endeavor that can significantly enhance your gameplay, especially during extended PvM sessions. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you'll be able to efficiently navigate the Mage Training Arena, earn the required points, and acquire this useful spell. With Bones to Peaches at your disposal, you'll have a reliable and cost-effective method of healing, allowing you to focus more on your adventures and less on your supplies. Moreover, you can seek the help of RSGoldFast for best fire cape service osrs and osrs gold. Happy adventuring, and may your bones always turn to peaches!