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How to get the BEST Farming XP in Runescape

May-02-2023 PST

Learn how to maximize your XP gain and become a farming master in RuneScape! Get the tips and tricks to becoming a top-tier farmer and achieve your farming goals fast.

Throughout the last twenty years, gamers have been enthralled by the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) known as RuneScape. RuneScape provides users with numerous hours of entertainment because of the game's expansive universe and wide range of talents. Farming is one of the considerable skills that players may learn, and it entails cultivating various plants, trees, and herbs and then gathering their produce. The ability to farm in RuneScape may be rather profitable, both in terms of the resources it yields and the experience points it awards. Yet, getting farming XP in RuneScape might be difficult at first.

Players may quickly advance to the level of farming mastery if they follow these hints and aim to optimize their experience gained through farming.

Plant High-Level Crops

In RuneScape, one of the most efficient methods to get experience in the farming profession is to plant high-level crops. Potatoes and onions are examples of lower-level crops that may be produced fast but provide relatively few experience points. On the other side, high-level crops such as watermelons, snape grass, and magic trees need more time to mature but provide much more experience points when harvested. Planting a magic tree, for instance, may result in a gain of up to 13,768 experience points per tree. It is recommended, however, to begin with, lower-level crops and work your way up to higher-level crops as your farming experience increases. High-level crops can only be planted by players with a higher degree of farming experience.

Use Compost and Supercompost

Composting and supercomputing may enhance the health of crops as well as their yield, leading to an increase in the total number of crops harvested and, as a result, an increase in the number of experience points received. The cost of supercompost is more than the cost of conventional compost since it is more effective. While using a compost bin, players may turn materials linked to farming, such as weeds, vegetables, and fruits, into compost by adding them to the bin. The same materials are needed to make supercompost, but pineapples and papayas are added to the mix as well.

Use Farming Urns

The amount of agricultural experience points obtained may be increased by up to 20% by using urns. Throughout the process of learning farming skills in Runescape, these containers may be stocked with various farming-related objects. After the urn has been filled up, it may be transferred to Ernie, who will trade it in for experience points in farming. In order for players to make use of farming urns, they must first acquire an empty urn and then stock it with various commodities such as watermelons or snape grass. After the urn is complete, it may be transferred to Ernie by making use of a spell that allows for teleportation.

Do Herb Runs

Planting and gathering herbs in RuneScape's many different agricultural areas is what's required to complete a herb run. The fact that herbs like ranarr and snapdragon are in such great demand in the game makes this endeavor a potentially lucrative method to get experience in farming. Herb patches provide players with the opportunity to cultivate their own herbs, which may then be added to potions or sold on the Grand Exchange. It's crucial to keep in mind that using herb patches requires a certain degree of farming, so it's recommended to begin with low-level herbs and work your way up to the higher-level ones as you progress.

Do Tree Runs

Tree runs are a kind of farming activity that takes place in RuneScape and consist of planting and harvesting trees in different agricultural zones. Because of the great demand for the logs that trees like magic and yew produce, engaging in this activity may be a lucrative method to get experience in farming. In addition, players may utilize tree patches to cultivate their own trees, which they can then either use in building or sell on the Grand Exchange. Beginning with lower-level trees and working up to higher-level trees as your farming level increases is advisable. Much like herb patches, tree patches need a particular farming level to utilize.

Magic Tree Farming XP Tip

Planting a magic tree is among the most effective methods to get experience in the Farming profession. Magic trees are the only sort of trees in the game that reward experience in farming at a much greater rate than any other form of the tree. You may purchase magic trees from other players or locate them to plant in the Farming Guild. Both options are available to you. Using the Farming Skillcape is still another excellent method for gaining experience in the Farming profession. If you want to level up your Farming ability more rapidly, use the Farming Skillcape since it increases the amount of experience you get from all Farming-related tasks by 50 percent.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, patience and determination are essential for getting XP via farming in RuneScape. The amount of farming experience that players get may be maximized by planting high-level crops, utilizing compost and supercompact, using farming urns, conducting herb runs, and completing tree runs. This will allow players to become master farmers as quickly as possible.