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How to Get Mahogany Logs in OSRS: Best Farming Spots

Jun-06-2024 PST

Farming Mahogany Logs in Old School RS (OSRS) is a valuable endeavor for players looking to enhance their Woodcutting and Firemaking skills, and it's an essential component for leveling up Construction. Mahogany Logs can be converted into Mahogany Planks at a sawmill for 1,500 coins each, making them a staple for those training Construction. However, finding the best spots to farm these logs can be challenging. This guide will help you identify the most efficient locations and strategies for obtaining Mahogany Logs in OSRS.

How to Get Mahogany Logs in OSRS: Best Farming Spots

Best Farming Spot for Mahogany Logs: Ape Atoll

Accessing Ape Atoll

The prime location for farming Mahogany Logs in OSRS is Ape Atoll, an island situated in the southern region of Gielinor. To access Ape Atoll, you must complete the Monkey Madness I quest. This osrs quest is quite complex and requires a series of tasks and combat encounters, but it is necessary to unlock the island.

Dealing with Aggressive Monkeys

Ape Atoll is populated with aggressive monkeys. These creatures will attack you unless you are in the form of a monkey or gorilla. You can achieve this transformation by equipping a Monkey Greegree, which can be obtained during the Monkey Madness I quest. Once you complete Monkey Madness II, the monkeys on the island will no longer be aggressive towards you, making the farming process much easier and safer.

Locating Mahogany Trees

Upon reaching Ape Atoll, you’ll find Mahogany Trees near the teleport spot on the island. These trees are the best source for Mahogany Logs. Additionally, more Mahogany Trees can be found outside the main gate of the island.

Woodcutting Requirements and XP

To chop Mahogany Trees, you need a Woodcutting level of 50. Each set of Mahogany Logs grants 125 Woodcutting experience. This makes Mahogany Logs a good source of XP, alongside their utility in other skills.

Alternative Spots for Mahogany Logs

While Ape Atoll is the best spot for farming Mahogany Logs, there are alternative locations where you can gather these logs if you have not completed the necessary quests or prefer other areas.

Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai

The Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai is another good location for farming Mahogany Logs. To access this area, you need to complete the Jungle Potion quest. Additionally, you need 100 Trading sticks to enter the grove.


Jungle Potion quest completion

100 Trading sticks to enter

Trees Available: Mahogany and Teak Trees

Additional Benefits: You can also gather Teak Logs here, providing a secondary source of Woodcutting XP.

Miscellania and Etceteria

On the islands of Miscellania and Etceteria, you can also find Mahogany Trees. To gain access to these islands, you need to complete the Throne of Miscellania quest. Managing your kingdom and setting your subjects to collect Mahogany Logs can be an additional source of these valuable logs.


Throne of Miscellania quest completion

Trees Available: Mahogany Trees

Additional Benefits: Passive log collection through kingdom management.

Kharazi Jungle

The Kharazi Jungle, accessible after completing the Legends' Quest, contains Mahogany Trees as well. This area is less crowded, making it a good alternative if you prefer a quieter spot for farming.


Legends' Quest completion

Trees Available: Mahogany Trees

Additional Benefits: Less competition from other players.

Efficient Woodcutting Tips

Bring the Right Equipment

Dragon Axe: The best axe for Woodcutting, as it provides the fastest chopping speed.

Magic Secateurs: These can boost your Woodcutting efficiency when equipped.

Monkey Greegree: Essential for safe passage on Ape Atoll if you have not completed Monkey Madness II.

Utilize Woodcutting Boosts

Lumberjack Outfit: Wear this for a bonus to your Woodcutting XP.

Woodcutting Guild: If you have access, utilize the bank and invisibility of aggressive creatures for efficient log farming.

Skills Necklace: Use this for teleportation to the Woodcutting Guild or other Woodcutting-related locations.

Plan for Efficient Banking

Teleport to a Bank: Use teleportation methods to quickly bank logs and return to your farming spot. For Ape Atoll, this could be through a house teleport or the Ape Atoll teleport spell.

Beast of Burden: Summon a pet like the War Tortoise or Pack Yak to carry extra logs and extend your trips.

Combining Farming with Other Skills

As mentioned, Mahogany Logs can be converted into Mahogany Planks, which are crucial for Construction. Farming your own logs can save you a substantial amount of osrs gold compared to buying planks directly from other players or the Grand Exchange.


Using Mahogany Logs for Firemaking is another efficient way to gain XP. While Teak Logs are more commonly used due to their availability and XP rates, Mahogany Logs can also be used to level up this skill.


Although not the most common use for Mahogany Logs, you can also use them to train Fletching. This can be a useful way to diversify your XP gains if you're looking to train multiple skills simultaneously.

Farming Mahogany Logs in OSRS is a multifaceted task that can benefit several skills, including Woodcutting, Construction, Firemaking, and Fletching. Ape Atoll stands out as the best spot for obtaining these logs due to its high density of Mahogany Trees and the relatively safe environment once the necessary quests are completed. Other locations, such as the Hardwood Grove, Miscellania, and the Kharazi Jungle, offer viable alternatives depending on your quest progress and personal preferences. By following this guide, you can efficiently gather Mahogany Logs and make significant progress in your skill training in OSRS.