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​How to get into accumulation PvM

Oct-01-2018 PST

I'll explain a bit. I accept dead ambrosial abundant all soloable administration (except for ED1-2). For a continued time my endgame ambition was to abandoned Nex. Recently I assuredly managed to apprentice to annihilate her consistently so now I anticipate it's time to move on to group PvM. There are few issues though.

1, I accept no abstraction how to start. I mean, I accept no abstraction which of the accumulation administration are advantageous at all, which crave what and how harder they are about to anniversary other. For classic I apperceive that GWD1 is easier than GWD2, Rax is harder than GWD2 and Nex is even harder (if soloing), but I don't apperceive what's the progression is with accumulation content. I assumption Solak is hardest atm and aswell I apperceive something alleged Yaka is harder than BM. But there's aswell KK and ROTS and Vorago and I apparently absent something else, and aback I've never done any of that I am kinda lost.

2, I use revolution. Yeah I'm one of those humans who can't even brainstorm beat every 1.8 abnormal on altered abilities while aswell paying absorption to bang-up mechanics. Leave abandoned bits like switching accessory or things like 4taa. Pinnacle of my automated accomplishment is adeptness to about-face to absorber for resonance. I will of beforehand advance over time (hopefully) but I am still actual far from the point area I'd use abounding manual. So I am not even abiding I can do accumulation PvM that way.

3, I accept no accompany lul. But that would be the atomic botheration if I at atomic had any abstraction what affectionate of accumulation I should attending for, for what boss, what should be my role etc.

Any advice?

CharmsRs said that... Joining a association area theres added pvmers is a way to get into it. For classic the association you're in, has an boilerplate absolute akin of 1200 with 298 members...yet like alone 20 of them are active. That wont advice you with being about humans who pvm.

Also as anyone said, telos is a acceptable way to appearance pvm ability to achieve yourself attending added "attractive". It's a abandoned bang-up that absolutely tests you as the enrage goes up. Revo is accomplished to use, acutely chiral is adopted but as continued as you pay absorption to your threshs/ults and apperceive if to use them at x boss, its fine.

Your nex kills for example, a acceptable way to adjudicator is ur annihilate time and whether or not you yak or nihil it. A lot of humans say they can abandoned nex with ease, but they yield a yak and accept absolutely apathetic annihilate times, which its acceptable they can abandoned but shows you deceit dps, apperceive if you can ss etc. Just bethink its about putting in cocky plan also.

If you're anyone who deceit res appropriately for example..dont jump into top pvm. Go to a lower bang-up and just plan on switching to shield+drop adoration and application res. Even if its a bang-up you don't accept to res, you're accomplishing it to get convenance of doing it correctly.

Likewise if you're not acceptable dps..don't jump into top pvm, esp with groups because it just leads to accepting carried. Spend time at administration like vinny accomplishing rotations, convalescent your times. You wanna be able to backpack your own weight.