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How to Get Fighter Torso in OSRS - Is It Worth It?

Sep-06-2023 PST

You fight in OldSchool RuneScape, and fighting requires both attack as well as defense. Without good defense, attacks are worthless. In OSRS, defensive gear is used to protect yourself from attackers. One such defensive item is the fighter torso. If you don't have a fighter torso till now, this OSRS guide will help in getting one. We will also compare it with other items to help you decide which item you should grind for.

What is the fighter torso?

The fighter torso is an armor piece that provides players with a strength bonus. To wear the fighter torso, you need a minimum of forty defenses. It is a reward that you get for playing the barbarian assault minigame. In OSRS, players mostly use this torso to speed up their combat and slayer training to a great extent. It provides players with a pretty good increase in damage-per-second abilities. You can get your hands on it all the four roles. This torso is also called the Penance torso in the barbarian assault reward shop. You can also sell it back for some thousand coins. You won't lose it even if you die below wilderness level twenty. It'll be available in your inventory, but you will have to repair it first on Perdu before you can finally use it again. Below are all the defensive bonuses of the fighter torso.

  • Sixty-two Stab bonus
  • Eighty-five slash bonus
  • Sixty-two crush bonus
  • Sixty-seven range bonus

How to get the fighter torso?

Obtaining the fighter torso is tricky, as you need to get a minimum of three hundred and seventy-five honor points in the barbarian assault minigame. You need to get these points in all four roles. The task of getting the fighter torso is a team task, so you don't have to worry about the time it'll take. You just have to find a good team. With a good team, the whole process of getting this torso will take an hour or two. Also, sharpen your abilities to cut short this time and create a strong team. For new teams with fewer skills, this process can take up to five hours, but all this grinding is totally worth it.

Advantages of fighter torso

Getting the fighter torso is a difficult job, so you may ask yourself if it is it worth for you to get your hands on it or if you should grind for some other item. For starters, yes, you should get the fighter torso in OldSchool RuneScape. It is ranked as one of the best armor pieces for mid-game. When you take part in the minigame to get the torso, you'll also improve your DPS to a great extent. Along with DPS improvement, training the slayer ability also becomes very easy. Upgrading the fighter torso requires more than one hundred million coins in OSRS, so you'll be sticking with it for a pretty long period, so it is a must-have. Most pro players recommend that you should get this torso on all your OSRS accounts.

Fighter Torso or Bandos Chest plate - Which is the best?

Although the fighter torso is a mid-game armor, you may want to consider other options as well, given the high honor points requirements. You need a minimum of three hundred and seventy-five honor points in the barbarian assault minigame to unlock it. The strength bonus that it provides is four, while it doesn't provide any stab attack, slash attack, or crush attack bonus at all. Moreover, it doesn't provide any prayer bonus as well.

The chest plate of Bandos, on the other hand, doesn't have any requirement at all. It provides players with the same amount of strength bonus as the torso. The defensive stab, slash, and crush bonus of the chest plate is higher than the torso. As it is a defensive item, it doesn't provide any attacking stats at all. The biggest boost that it provides is the prayer boost. Below are all the defensive stats of the chest plate.

  • Ninety-eight stab bonus
  • Ninety-three slash bonus
  • One hundred and five crush bonuses

In terms of DPS, both are the same, but the chest plate is better due to the prayer boost. You can get the chest plate of Bandos from the grand exchange for a whopping twenty-nine million OSRS gold, which is way more expensive compared to the fighter torso. So, the fighter torso is for those who don't have any money and are up for grinding. Some other gear options are also available. Pro players recommend that you should get the fighter torso even if you have the sacrifice the prayer bonus and spend the twenty-nine million coins on other gear upgrades as well. This approach is better as you will upgrade all your items instead of just one item. The Elysian spirit shield OSRS is also good for defense.