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​How to Get a Fighter Torso - OSRS Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide

Feb-15-2023 PST

To get the Fighter Torso, the greatest strength boost in the plate body slot, Barbarian Assault must be used. With this helpful guide, let's Learn all about Barbarian Assault and how to get the Fight Torso in Old School RuneScape!

The Fighter Torso is widely recognized as the game's second-best combat chest in terms of strength boost. This skill is quite similar to your constitution skill, except that it impacts the number of life points (LP) you have as either a player or a monster. When calculating how much damage a person or monster may take before succumbing to their wounds, life points are consulted. The game's end condition is reached when a player or monster has no more available life points. The Bandos Chestplate, the greatest melee chest, is more expensive yet easier to get. That's why the best players are so eager to get their hands on it: to launch raids.

The Fighter Torso can only be won by taking part in the Barbarian Assault Minigame. That's why we are authoring this guide to detail the game's rules and what you need to do to unlock the treasure.

OSRS Fighter Torso: Barbarian Assault Mechanics

The Games Necklace may be used to instantly transfer you to the front of the minigame. Minigame teleports may be used, but there is a one-time need to travel there manually. Each player takes on one of four roles-the Defender, Collector, Attacker, or Healer-in this minigame. The first ten waves of enemies, including the Queen, will attack as soon as the game begins. Fighter Torso may be unlocked by achieving 375 points across all roles and eliminating the Queen once.

Choose a scimitar because it gives you the option of four different attack methods (aggressive, defensive, accurate, and controlled). Garb yourself with the finest equipment available, and ditch the Cape and Runes. As soon as you arrive, you'll see Blackboard, where you can see your character's current point totals and level in each role. In addition to that, there is Commander Connad, as well as Captain Cain. Captain Cain is available to instruct you on how to play if you are interested. The awards, including the Fighter torso, are distributed by Commander Connad.

If you're on a ladder, you may descend it and start running due north after you've selected a planet with Barbarian Assault. The first chamber may be accessed by going westward. After entering the first chamber, you may begin recruiting teammates by stating your desired position in the conversation. If you don't want to do that, then take a scroll from the table, decide what part you want to play, and utilize it on the other players.

OSRS Fighter Torso: Attacker Role

At the outset of the game, blow the Horn to signal the Collector which color of egg to choose. You'll be able to view the color you want to request in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. The Collector will suffer harm and lose points if he chooses the incorrect eggs.

The next step is to make your way to the northwest corner, where you'll need to wait for the Collector to announce the appropriate attack style before you can launch your assault on the Fighters and Rangers.

If you choose the incorrect attack type, you will do no damage, take 2 hit points of damage, and suffer a point loss. To that end, give it your whole attention and see if you can't obtain the greatest score possible.

OSRS Fighter Torso: Defender Role

Just before the game begins, blow the Horn to signal which kind of spoiled food the Healer should eat in order to poison the other players. Afterwards, go over to the vending machine beside the entrance and choose some grub from the blue slot. The next step is to make your way to the northeastern corner, where there is a trap set up to stop the Runners from exiting via the southern entrance.

To know what kind of bait to drop in order to attract the runners, you must listen to the Healer's call. Create a baited trail that leads directly to the trap. Do not forget that once you have made two kills, the trap will be tampered with and will need to be repaired. Gather the two logs and hammer from the area by the northern doors, then return to mend the trap.

OSRS Fighter Torso: Collector Role

Utilize the Horn at the beginning of the game to make a call for the kind of assault that the Attacker should employ. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, you will discover information indicating the kind of attack you should be using. After listening for the Attacker's call for the color, quickly gather as many eggs of that hue as you can to rack up points.

After that, transport the eggs to one of the cannons of your choice and keep them there before beginning the process again. If you choose the incorrect eggs, you will suffer harm and lose points in the game.

OSRS Fighter Torso: Healer Role

At the outset of the play, sound the Horn to indicate which snack the Defender should pack. You need to go to the vending machine at the entrance and choose the hazardous snack from the green slot.

After that, fill the Vial at the left-most Healer spring with water, and then use it on allies to restore ten health. The Defender should be summoned to determine the specific deadly meal used against the Healers. Carry the toxic food north and use it on them as you make your way there.

OSRS Fighter Torso: The Queen Appearance

As the Queen has yet to come, the Collector's only role at this time is to call out the assault styles. Once the Queen has made her appearance, the Collector will need to choose just the eight yellow eggs that have been scattered about her.

Since the Queen will be delivering serious harm to everyone, the Healer's mission when she emerges is to heal everyone as quickly as possible. Everyone else should camp out close to the Healer spring.

After the Collector has gathered the eggs, they should be used by the Healer to add them to the Healer's collection. In order to heal Poison Craters, the Healer must first use the eggs on them and then give them to the Attacker.

Before placing them near the eggs, the Attacker will collect the spikes of the Spiked Mushrooms. He should then move the eggs to the Defender.

In order for the Defender to utilize the eggs on the Lava Craters and give them to the Collector, they must first be transported there.

Having brought the Omega eggs to the Cannon, the Collector must now begin firing against the Queen until she is killed. You'll need 375 points across all roles to unlock the Fighter Torso, so keep at it!

Final Thoughts

You just saw a barbarian assault in action! There is no doubt that you will find this guide to be a very helpful tool in your pursuit of the Fighter Torso, so please take a look at it carefully. In addition, if you need some gold to purchase equipment, a reliable RuneScape gold seller, such as rsgoldfast, is available to provide you with low-priced osrs gold and rs3 gold.