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How to Boost Smithing In OSRS

Sep-11-2023 PST

Smithing is an important skill in OldSchool RuneScape, and players should start working on it as soon as possible. Smithing is pretty hard to boost and level up, but you can get it done thanks to this OSRS Smithing guide. There are various tasks that require Smithing boosts, such as getting items or completing quests. This Smithing guide features the three best methods to boost this ability in OSRS. Kill the tree headed king black dragon RS3 to get the dragon pickaxe.

1. Kovac's Grog

In terms of leveling, Kovac's Grog is the best choice as it increases your level by up to four levels each time you use it. To get your hands on them, you need to go to the Giants foundry minigame and purchase them there. These Kovac's Grogs are also available at the grand exchange, but buying them from the exchange isn't advised due to their high price. A single Kovac's Grog is available for thirty-five thousand coins at the exchange. There are two benefits of the foundry minigame, and you get the Kovac's Grog as well as train the smithing ability. When you play the game at the foundry, you also get a foundry reputation which comes in handy.

2. Dwarven Stout

Dwarven Stout is another item for Smithing boosts, but it only boosts by a level or two at a time. You can get the Dwarven Stout from the grand exchange. Dwarven Stout (m) is the same item. If you have an iron man account, you can go to Keldagrim to brew Dwarven Stout by yourself. Purchasing the Dwarven Stout is better than brewing it by yourself because the waiting time for Dwarven Stout is one day. Even after waiting for so such a long time, there is no guarantee that you will get a high-level item. Still, if you want to brew the Dwarven Stout by yourself, here is the step-by-step guide.

· Start by using two buckets of water for fermenting vat

· Use two barely malt on the vat

You can increase the chances of maturing by using stuff on the vat.

· Now use four hammerstone hops on the vat

· Use an ale yeast for fermentation

· Wait for some time for the beer to ferment

· Use eighty glasses of beer on the vat to complete the ale

3. Spicy Stew using Orange Spice

This item provides the greatest Smithing boost in OSRS. It increases the Smithing level by up to five levels, and you don't have to meet any requirements at all. If you want to try this item, you will have to complete the freeing evil Dave sub-quest first. This sub-quest is a part of a recipe for disaster. You'll need red, orange, yellow, and brown spices for this purpose as well. Here are the locations of all these spices.

· Red: Northern-most Room

· Orange: North-western Room

· Yellow: South-western Room

· Brown: Southern-most Room

After you reach these locations, here are the steps to get these color spices.

· Get your hands on a hellcat or a cat to chase hell rats

· Find the house Dave on the west of Edgeville bank

· Go to the basement of the house

· Attack hell rats with a cat

Depending on which color spice these rats are guarding, they will drop four doses of spices on each attack. You'll need orange spice for this item because these spices provide a Smithing boost. To increase your chances of getting better spices, you should use wily cats instead of normal cats, as they easily defeat hell rats.

Once you have obtained a spice, here are the steps to make the spicy stew.

· Get a regular stew

· Get spices

· Add three doses of any color spice you want to get the spicy stew

You won't be able to trade these stews. You can also purchase the regular stew as well as the orange spice from the grand exchange. You'll need coins for this purpose. Just like all the above-given items, it isn't guaranteed that you'll get a Smithing boost from the spicy stew because they are luck-based items. You'll get a random Smithing boost. As an ironman, you can also purchase the regular stew from the warrior's guild. These stews are required for creating spicy stew.

Which Smithing boosting item is the best?

Now that you have the three best items for Smithing boosting, it is time to choose the best item according to your needs. If you need a boost of one or two levels only, the dwarven stout is the best option, as it doesn't require that much grinding. For a four-level Smithing boost, Kovac's grog works best. The best account for Smithing is the Ironman account. As an ironman, you can also purchase the dwarven stout from the grand exchange for a few thousand coins which is totally worth it. If you want to save time and get a good boost, just play the foundry minigame for the grog. You can play the minigame for about ten minutes to get the grog and enjoy a boost of four levels.

RSGoldFast Team