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How To Beat The Sorceress's Garden In OSRS

Jun-05-2024 PST

In Old School RS (OSRS), Thieving is often trained through methods such as stealing from market stalls or pickpocketing various NPCs. However, there is a unique and rewarding alternative: the Sorceress's Garden. Here, players can traverse magical mazes to steal fruit for Thieving experience or gather herbs for Herblore. This minigame offers a non-combat way for players, even at low levels, to gain valuable resources and experience.

How To Beat The Sorceress's Garden In OSRS

Sorceress’s Garden Overview

To begin your journey to the Sorceress’s Garden, head to the southeast portion of Al Kharid. There, in a small house, you will find the Apprentice. Speak to her, and she will teleport you directly to the garden. The garden is divided into four sections, each representing a different season and requiring a different Thieving level to access:

Winter: Requires level 1 Thieving

Spring: Requires level 25 Thieving

Autumn: Requires level 45 Thieving

Summer: Requires level 65 Thieving

The primary goal in each section is to traverse a maze without being spotted by the patrolling Elementals and steal from the tree in the center. If you prefer herbs over Thieving experience, you can opt to gather two random herbs from a nearby patch instead.

The layout and path of each maze remain constant, allowing players to memorize the optimal route and the Elementals' patrol patterns. Each successful run teleports you back to the starting point, ready for another attempt.

Winter Garden


Thieving level 1


Start Point: As soon as you enter, wait until the Elemental patrolling the first section moves away.

First Section: Run behind the Elemental when its back is turned and hide in the safe spot to the left.

Second Section: Observe the Elemental patrolling the next section. When it moves to the right, quickly move to the next safe spot.

Final Section: Time your movement to run directly to the tree in the center when the Elemental is not looking.


Be patient and observe the Elementals' patterns.

Memorize the exact moments when it is safe to move.

Spring Garden


Thieving level 25


Initial Section: Begin by watching the Elemental’s pattern closely. Move to the first safe spot on your left.

Middle Section: Proceed carefully through the middle, making sure to stay hidden when the Elemental looks your way.

Final Approach: As the final Elemental patrols, make your move to the tree when it turns away from the path you need to take.


Take your time to learn the Elementals' patrol routes.

Use safe spots effectively to avoid detection.

Autumn Garden


Thieving level 45


Entry Point: Wait until the first Elemental moves away before making your move.

Intermediate Section: Navigate through the garden by moving from safe spot to safe spot as the Elementals patrol.

Last Section: Wait for the Elemental near the center to turn away before making your final dash to the tree.


This section requires more precise timing, so practice your movements.

Safe spots are crucial; use them wisely to avoid being sent back to the start.

Summer Garden


Thieving level 65


Starting Point: Wait for the initial Elemental to look away before progressing to the first safe spot.

Midway Point: Carefully time your movements to stay behind the Elementals as you proceed through the garden.

Final Stretch: As the last Elemental turns away, make your move to reach the tree in the center.


The Summer garden has the most challenging patrol patterns, requiring precise timing and patience.

Memorize the optimal route and practice your timing to ensure success.

General Tips for All Gardens

Patience is Key: Each Elemental follows a set pattern. Take the time to learn these patterns and move only when it is safe.

Use Safe Spots: Each section has designated safe spots where you can stand without being detected. Utilize these to plan your next move.

Practice Makes Perfect: The more you run through each maze, the more familiar you will become with the paths and Elemental movements, increasing your success rate.

Keep an Eye on Your Thieving Level: Ensure you meet the Thieving level requirements for each section before attempting the maze.

Maximize Your Runs: Since each run teleports you back to the start, plan your inventory and strategy to make the most of each visit.


Completing the mazes in the Sorceress’s Garden offers two main rewards:

Thieving Experience: Successfully stealing from the tree in the center provides a significant amount of Thieving experience, especially for players seeking to level up this skill.

Herbs: Opting to gather herbs instead of fruit can be particularly beneficial for players training Herblore. The herbs obtained are random, but this can be a great way to stock up on necessary supplies without combat.

The Sorceress’s Garden offers a unique and engaging way to train Thieving in Old School RuneScape. By mastering the mazes of each seasonal garden, players can gain valuable experience and resources while enjoying a break from the more traditional methods of pickpocketing and stall thieving. Remember to be patient, learn the patterns, and use safe spots effectively. Whether you aim to steal fruit for experience or gather herbs for Herblore, the Sorceress’s Garden is a fantastic addition to your training regimen. Happy thieving!

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