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How Long Does It Take to Max In OSRS

Sep-15-2023 PST

Maxing your character in any game is the biggest dream of players, and the same goes for OldSchool RuneScape. But the question that, how long do you have to grind to max out trouble players? This OSRS guide features the best training methods and skills to max out in OSRS in the shortest time possible. If you use the right skill at the right time, you can max out in no time, but you'll surely need a lot of money along with the ultor ring OSRS.

Combat training

The first step is to train your combat skills to the max before moving to other skills. Strength, defense, attack, slayer, and range are the six combat skills in OSRS. The best method is to train all these skills at the same time. Instead of training a single combat skill to the max, you should upgrade all the available skills to level eighty. The correct order of training is strength, attack, defense, slayer, and range. To boost the slayer training, you can use a cannon, as it will also provide you with ranged experience. Dungeons are the best option for training the ranged skill, and you should do it with max gear. Here is how much time you need to train all these skills.

· Strength – One hundred and fifty hours

· Attack – One hundred and fifty hours

· Defense – One hundred and fifty hours

· Slayer – You'll need two hundred hours to train this skill.

· Ranged – Ten Hours to get from level ninety to level ninety-nine

The total time that you need to train these skills to the max is three hundred and ten hours collectively.

Non-combat training

In this section, we'll discuss the best order to train non-combat skills in OSRS. This order is from fastest to slowest skills, so follow it accordingly. By sticking to these methods, you can max in OSRS in forty days.

1. Fletching

To train this skill, you should craft the highest-level dart tips until you reach the max level. You'll need more than one hundred and fifty million coins to upgrade this skill to the max with this method.

2. Prayer

Until level seventy, you can train your prayer skill with the help of dagannoth bones on the gilded altar. After this level, you have to switch to the superior dragon bones. The total time you need to max this skill with this method is ten hours.

3. Farming

Farming training requires you to do tree runs till you reach the max level. The best item for this training is a magic tree, but it is quite expensive.

4. Construction

For construction training, you should stick to chairs till level thirty-three and then move to oak larders. These larders will stay with you until level fifty-two. Then you have to switch to mahogany tables till level seventy-seven. To max this skill, craft gnome benches.

5. Cooking

For cooking, Karambwans are the best option, but you'll be clicking a lot for this method to work. Wine jugs are another option, but this method of training will take ten more hours.

6. Herblore

For herblore training, you can create attack potions, prayer potions, super restores, and anti-venoms according to your skill level.

7. Crafting

For this skill, you can create dragon bodies, and the cost of training this skill is one hundred and twenty million.

8. Fire Making

Train this skill by using the highest-level log to make a fire in the varrock. To save traveling time, use varrock teleports. You can train this skill with just ten million coins.

9. Smithing

To train this skill, just go to the blast furnace and start making gold bars. Plate bodies are the second option if you haven't unlocked the gold bars.

10. Magic

For magic training, use ice barraging along with enchanting bolts in the MM2 caves.

11. Thieving

For thieving, blackjack and ardougne knights are the best options. You can get two hundred and fifty thousand experience in just one hour of training with these methods.

12. Woodcutting

For training this skill, combine two-tick or three-tick training methods with redwood trees.

13. Hunter

Get hunter experience points by hunting salamanders till level eighty. After that, hunt herbiboars on the game map.

14. Fishing

For fishing training, stick with barbarian fishing till level ninety-nine.

15. Mining

Mining is a slow skill, and the three-tick training method is the best.

16. Rune Crafting

To train this skill, craft lava runes along with ZMI altar. Training this skill is a long and tiring process as it can take up to two hundred hours to reach level ninety-nine.

17. Agility

Agility is also a slow skill when it comes to training. To train it, you should combine high-alching methods with fletching. From zero to level ninety-nine, you will be gathering experience points for a whopping two hundred and twenty hours to max this skill out.