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​How do we fix PVP for RS3

Sep-18-2018 PST

I accept that PvP is no best a advantaged approach of play in RS3, and I in actuality accept why. At the moment there are lots of issues that accomplish it broken/ unplayable, and a decay of time compared to added content.

That said I would like to alpha an accessible altercation to apprehend how we could in actuality accomplish PvP agreeable already again?

1. Is there annihilation we can do to the Berserk to accompany humans back? I accept heard some suggestions from humans that would acquiesce you to accumulate your items aloft death, and that the money you would contrarily pay to afterlife if you died alfresco of PvP is abandoned for the pker instead, abandoned it is 1.5x - 2x the bulk afterlife would collect. What do you anticipate about this idea? Could it be a acceptable gold sink? Would this accomplish the berserk accordant again? Analytical to apprehend all of the opinions.

2. Would Accessible apple PvP be acknowledged with the aforementioned bead arrangement as listed above?

3. Would affective Castle Wars to F2P be a acceptable idea? Maybe alfresco of lumbridge?

Anyways analytical to get everyone's thoughts. If you abhorrence PvP, rather afresh downvote this column into oblivion, amuse allotment and acquaint us why. And What blazon of PvP agreeable could get you to change your mind? Absolute curious.

RSBloodDiamond said that... The abandoned way to accept even the far-off adventitious accessible of animating PvP is to change the afterlife artisan completely. There would be a ton of players that will acquaint you that EoC was the afterlife of PvP in RS. And that is technically correct, it was the final attach in the coffin.

But PvP was on the way out continued afore then. I had a lot of accompany aback in the day who were big into PvP. I wasn't abandoned but I would go and watch a bit. And what I saw was the bigger bridle to me anytime in actuality giving PvP a attempt for myself.

1. Anybody wants to annihilate and boodle but no one is able to die and lose. Or a very, absolute tiny boyhood are.

2. 99% of PvP matches concluded with anyone active or teleporting

3. This meant humans application inputs in the anatomy of potions and aliment over and over and over for no reward

4. Humans who were able to die did it in accepting like monks robes. See acumen 3 above.

5. Those 1 itemers continuing on the sidelines accessible to alight en masse with specs on any poor sap who was advantageous abundant to annihilate and be looting.

6. Just in actuality baneful people. Not nice to be around. Public chat bigger ill-fitted to the gutter.

But far added than any of 1-6 aloft is the afterlife mechanic. I apperceive of no added bold breadth there is annihilation even accidentally similar, let abandoned as backbreaking as the RS system. There is no way on God's blooming apple I will go into the wildy for any acumen risking added than a brace hundred k. And this includes accomplishing bedrock strykes tasks. And the majority of the association feels the aforementioned way.

PvP in RS3 has breakable into annihilation added than simple griefing. Humans who will abandoned annihilate those afterwards armour/weapons or those who are actively affianced in activity with someone/something else. Because of the afterlife artisan PvP as it is declared to be - a afterlife bout amid 2 about appropriately akin opponents who anniversary accept to appoint with anniversary added - is dead.

PvP needs to be opt in only. If you don't wish to participate you shouldn't be afflicted to. Yes that would crave changes to the wilderness. Apparently way too abounding to absolve the time and assets it would take.

In abbreviate afresh my responses to your suggestions aloft :

1. Adeptness work. But if it is a lot beneath advantageous in agreement of gp than added bold activities humans will apparently still opt to do something else.

2. Unlikely.

3. Not account the accomplishment frankly.

Personally I anticipate the wilderness should be repurposed as it is a ashen adeptness appropriate now in agreement of beneath utilised map area. The absolute apriorism of PvP needs to be in actuality anticipation about afresh from an in actuality altered perspective.

Most importantly, humans charge to realise that not every bold needs to accept a PvP option. Some are abnormal to PvP and I would advance that RS3 is one of them. Artlessly because there are so abounding added agency to absorb time that are far added rewarding. I don't play OSRS but accept accompany that do, and they are cogent me (and even some YouTubers/streamers from OSRS are saying) that PvP is dying harder over there too. Afresh with that afterlife mechanic.