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​Having fun while grinding

Nov-09-2018 PST

I am f2p at the moment to try out the bold and see if I like it. I accept been a affiliate on OSRS a few times but the batty grinds collection me crazy. So I heard that in RS3 there are added fun agency to alternation abilities etc.

What would you acclaim me accomplishing starting off? Btw I accept watched videos on youtube on this affair but they are appealing abortive tbh.

It's not necessarily that skilling is added fun in RS3, but there are faster methods for every skill, as able-bodied as QOL improvements like presets or activity confined that accomplish it a lot added adequate and a lot les carpal adit inducing.

Does it accomplish a huge difference? For instance I saw how RC was in actuality afk and it in actuality is a affliction in osrs, can I apprehend QOL like this?

Yeah for RC you can do Runespan. Not as fast as RC through the Abyss, but below blast intensive. For mining it gets AFK already you alleviate Menaphos.

Slayer can be even added AFK than OSRS with Anarchy and things like assailment potions, breadth loot, etc.

For Agility, there are added chance lamps and things like that. There's no absolute applicable AFK advantage except for affairs Silverhawks, which is awful expensive. But there is Prifddinas' activity advance in which it's absurd to abort the obstacles, OSRS gold and xp scales at college levels.

Most abilities accept some arrangement of AFK acclimation that is slower/less profitable/worse in some added way. But there is added agreeable agreeable as well. And there are daily/weekly/monthly "DND's" which are affectionate of like abbreviate minigames that accord XP and added rewards. Some of them are solo, some of them are multiplayer.

And there's a lot added I could accept acquaint about added abilities too, but I didn't ambition it to be overwhelming. You don't accept to anguish about these things appropriate now, you can just play the bold your own way and accept fun. Just capital to confirm that a lot of QOL things abide for if you want/need them.

Runespan is the breadth breadth you can do added airy RC training. You apparently apperceive what AFK agency but just in case, a lot of of the time humans say AFK if they beggarly "less click-intensive". So a accomplishment like Fishing is mostly AFK because you just blast and wait. Fishing is mostly the aforementioned on OSRS and RS3, but RS3 has added places to angle and added types of fish.

RS3 activity is focussed about abilities, and a lot of top akin PVMers actuate all the abilities themselves because it's added efficient, this is alleged "Full Manual" mode. But you can get the bold to actuate abilities for you, and it will prioritize whichever adeptness comes aboriginal on the activity bar. It feels like a mix amid newer and earlier combat. So in RS3 you can accomplish activity just as AFK as OSRS combat, with the appropriate setup. With Anarchy you can focus on bistro food, sipping pots, or just allocution added in Clan Chats & Friend Chats. But you can aswell about-face off the automated getting and be added cardinal as well, activating abilities at the appropriate time for greater effect.

Aggression potions accomplish all the monsters about you advancing so you don't charge to blast on them to fight, they advance you automatically. They're big-ticket so it's mostly for college akin Slayer. Breadth boodle lets you aces up all items on the attic in a 3x3 square, but it's not automatic.

Prifddinas is the city-limits of the elves. It's a top akin city-limits so don't anguish about it for now. Silverhawk accoutrement are an annual that gives a baby bulk of Activity xp, they are buyable but absolute big-ticket (20-30k for one calamus that gives a tiny bulk of xp). Mostly for affluent players but you can get untradeable ones sometimes. Unfortunately Activity is still appealing grindy, that's why I appropriate accomplishing quests, there are a agglomeration that accord Activity xp so you can skip low akin courses like OSRS.

DND stands for Distractions and Diversions. They abide for a lot of skills, they're like minigames but you are bound in how generally you can do them.