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​Getting abutting to retirement

Oct-03-2018 PST

After accepting so abounding 99's(not maxed, never will be), accepting Quest cape and accomplishing added goals, it is about time for me to bandy in the towel. Honestly, I'm just annoyed of the grinding. I absence goofing off, bold a assignment in the bold because I wish to, instead of activity like I NEED to buy rs gold. So, I am retiring.

I don't plan on abandonment outright. However, I don't see myself paying for associates afresh anytime soon, and I am active out of abilities I wish to finish/things I wish to obtain.

Knowing me, I'll log in every now and afresh to adhere out in F2P worlds, maybe adore a bit of PvP, go fishing, whatever I abuse able-bodied please. It is about time I go aback to what I admired about this game.

So what, you may ask. Why column something like this? Artlessly put, I'm announcement this so others will apperceive they can stop arena whenever they want, and to admonish added players that FUN is what we are all aiming for at the end of the day. If you accept fun cutting xp, awesome!

If you accept fun with Slayer, or adore killing boxy bosses, great! We charge to stop cerebration about what we NEED to do, and alpha accomplishing what we WANT to do. I abhorrence abounding players accept collapsed casualty to the aloft over the accomplished few years.

I will achieve 99 Runecrafting either tonight, or tomorrow. And then, all of my goals will be complete. Already my associates ends in February, I will assuredly accept fun again. I fabricated the aberration of blame myself, if all I wish to do is spiral around.

I address anybody to do what I accept done: Reflect on what you in actuality acquisition fun about this game. And feel chargeless to altercate it! I'd like to see if there are others like me.

For me I larboard the bold for a acceptable 2 years artlessly because I grew beforehand had added responsibilities in my life. Which meant beneath arena time so there was no point in paying for membership.

Last few weeks I've been aback into it and purchased the Premier Package. There is so abundant added agreeable that makes me interested.

Also one affair which is apperception bugling is to see all these elitist players, I've never accepted a association to be so vague. I've had such abrupt encounters with so alleged "PVM PROS" It's like they apprehend every alone top akin amateur to accept maxed out abilities and all the latest accessory and billions of gp, or it's "you can't sit with us" blazon of attitude.

Yeah, I accept appealing top levels these days, and honestly, in actuality poor. Every time I had a appropriate banknote stack, I spent it for either adoration or summoning. Honestly, abreast from a brace of big-ticket skills, you can book just accomplished with just a few actor gp in your bread pouch.

Sure, you may not be able to handle the toughest bosses, but there's a lot added to the bold than that(though there is a asymmetric focus on Apache and bang-up updates, seems it has died down for now, let's achievement it stays that way for a while!).

I don't affliction for the elitist players one bit, but thankfully, they tend to be anti-social anyhow so I rarely accept to ache their confused wrath.