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​Flipping Guide 2022

Mar-28-2022 PST


Flipping is similar to every other ‘skill’ in OSRS; you can gain experience and knowledge the more you participate in the activity. It’s probably the most profitable way method in the game. Despite the fact that it doesn’t offer any skilling XP, you gain funds, which can then be used to train your skills. Yes, it’s a complicated and scary method if you look at it from a point of view, but once you learn the basics, then the journey is going to be smooth.

What is flipping?

It’s the act of purchasing items from the Grand Exchange for a low price and then reselling them at a higher price. The objective is to make a margin. As your experience in flipping grows, you start making more profit.

To make you understand the mechanics better, we have introduced a guide that is split into multiple aspects of how the components of flipping work.

Grand Exchange

The most important and biggest feature on OSRS is the Grand Exchange, where you have the ability to buy and sell your items in a singular or large quantity. Prices of an item often fluctuate and can vary depending on the future updates, bots, or meta builds.

While it’s a great place to make money, it’s also where you can lose a lot of your GP. You need to understand the mechanics of the Grand Exchange before approaching the flipping method.

The Grand Exchange is located in Varrock and the interface offers 2 unlocked Trade Slots for F2P (Free-to-Play) players and all 8 unlocked Trade Slots for P2P (Pay-to-Play) players.

There’s a history button on the interface that displays the history of your trades. Besides that, there’s a buy & sell button to perform their respective actions.

You can search your preferred item, which then gets displayed on the left side, with the price and quantity displayed right below it. You can also set a custom buying amount; however, if it’s over the buy limit, then it won’t clear until the next four hours have passed.

There are two buttons beside the quantity and price tabs, which help you set the price and quantity of your buy or sell order. Once that’s done, you can click on the confirm button below to place the order.

Profit Margins

If you’re a new player, it can be a little difficult to find profit margins, and that’s not because of the Grand Exchange, but because your knowledge lacks at the current moment related to the items in the game.

There are a few items you can consider starting off with, such as Runes, Logs, Ores, Fishes, etc., as the prices for them are relatively stable. It means that the chances of losing a great sum of GP get reduced.

If the demand for an item is high, the price will rarely fluctuate and the profit margin will remain the same. However, for rare items like Clue Scroll rewards, Raid items, etc., the price changes are drastic.

While purchasing an item, you need to ensure that you have enough GP to cover the loss of a margin check. For instance, if you purchase Iron Ore at a 40% higher price than the standard one, the item purchases at a set current maximum that the Grand Exchange is offering (176 GP).

When you re-sell the item for 1 GP, the exchange will default itself to the lowest offer, which would be 175 GP, thus, showing a margin for 1GP. If you prefer flipping expensive items, then it’s important that you have enough capital to at least buy three or four for actual profit.

When to flip?

Prices fluctuate depending on the time of the day, ongoing events, or recent updates. So, knowing when to flip can be rather intimidating. The majority of the player base is from U.K and U.S, meaning the prices fluctuate more during 9 AM – 10 AM in those time zones.

For instance, you can purchase an expensive item for a low price at a stable time zone, and then wait for the peak time to sell it and gain profit. Speaking of events and game updates, they can drastically change the prices of items. Such as a Santa Hat during Christmas, or a new boss update that requires a specific weapon to kill. You can always stock on items (but not in a large sum) when you’re aware that there’s going to be a huge event or update soon.

What to flip?

If you’re a beginner, we suggest that you stick to High Quantity-Low Risk items by looking at the ‘Most Traded’ page of the OSRS Grand Exchange Database. Understand how the system works and gain significant knowledge through the experience. Later on, you can start flipping expensive items once you get a hang of it and have enough capital to purchase them.

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