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​Farming QoL changes plz

Dec-19-2018 PST

Hell, add them to the PoF boutique if you want, as perks.

- 1000 beans: bifold the XP from mucking out manure. Low cost, because about alone low levels do this, bodies who badly charge the XP and don't accept a lot of money.

- 2000 beans: let us use acclaimed aftermath on admixture bins, so that we don't charge to accomplish assorted trips.

- 3500 beans: accept "free" buckets if mucking out manure. It would about accomplish the blooming admixture beneath worthless, because it can become supercompost easier, and would be a nice QoL for bodies agriculture dragon dung.

These changes would admonition the about alone admixture aspect of the farm, I think. Would aswell admonition the pineapple supercompost bodies save a few account per day.

- Add application bombs to the POF accolade shop, at the bulk of 50-100 beans each. Furthermore, acutely abate their bulk in the Facepunch accolade boutique - if you can get 300 credibility in 10 minutes, nobody's traveling to buy 10 application bombs for 30 each, whose sole purpose is extenuative a few seconds. Finally, accord the agriculture cape the adeptness to not absorb the application bomb if its appropriate aftereffect would commonly activate.

- Add a banker to the POF who changes daily. If your animals accept beneath than 50 aliment in their troughs, let him action to advertise us flax, potato seeds, cow meat, oranges, cabbage, button mushrooms... And if you've got added than 8 beastly of one blazon in your bank, let him buy them for 40% of their worth, to admonition apple-pie the banks of hoarders. If neither action is met, accept him action to buy up to 50 of an beastly adeptness - milk, atramentous wool, etc. aback a lot of players accept far, FAR added than they'll anytime need.

- Let us bulb belladonna in the annual patches. Preferably, let us autumn added than 1 from it, and all annual patches - agnate to how limpwurt gives 3, and woad gives 5 or so. A arrangement agnate to herbs and allotments would be my addition - autumn a minimum of X times, but accumulate agriculture until you abort a RNG roll.

- Add a additional Activity adjustment from the amulet teleport atom and the Assemble Habitat backcountry assemble patch, that requires college Activity and a agnate abort rate, just to save a few added abnormal per run.

- Acquiesce the Agriculture skillcape assimilate Entrana, for the hops patch.

Those are the a lot of audacious issues I can anticipate of for Farming. There's lots added accepting I would like changed, but this is the "balanced" updates I'd adulation to see. And there's one that I remembered and afresh anon forgot, but I assumption it will not accomplish it into this column afterwards 10 account of aggravating to remember.