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​F2P Melee Training Spots OSRS

Sep-16-2019 PST

Whether you can’t afford membership or you are making a F2P-locked character, there are several training spots you can gain significant amounts of experience. While many of them are in the wilderness, there are even a few tucked away in dungeons, staying out of reach of player killers. This article will go over some of the best F2P Melee Training Spots OSRS that you can use to max out with little effort.

Flesh Crawlers – Stronghold of Security

Flesh Crawlers are low defense and low-hitting monsters in the Stronghold of Security. Considering that they have a different aggression mechanic than other monsters, you can still AFK train on them at a high level.

There are multiple possible spots to train on them, but the room to the west of the chest room is recommended for the ease of resetting aggression. You will have to go through the doors constantly, so have the Stronghold of Security questions memorized.

Giant Spiders – Stronghold of Security

Once you make it to the third level of the Stronghold, you will find clusters of these Level 50 spiders in nearly every room. Not only do they stay aggressive to any player’s combat level, but the base defensive stats are also relatively low. They don’t drop items, so players strictly use it for AFK combat training.

Most players consider this to be the meta of melee training, but it is subjective depending on one’s preference for training. It is still one of the more convenient spots for high levels due to the proximity to a bank and safety.

Zombies – Wilderness Graveyard of Shadows

The zombies in the wilderness are plentiful, clump up in multiple spots and are within range of teleporting in case there are player killers around. Simply find a good spot (like the NE corner) and let them attack you until they go unaggressive. For mid-level players, they should barely need much food before going to the bank, and they drop lots of Chaos Runes.

Be mindful of the multi-combat areas outside of the Graveyard in case there are pking teams. Simply run until you are barely out of view and quickly return to your ideal spot. Since there are so many of them, it is hard for players to kill you in the single combat zone.

Black Knights – Wilderness Lava Maze

Black Knights are not aggressive outside the wilderness, so this is the only viable location to AFK train on them. Being a mere level 33 combat, mid to high-level players should smash through them with ease. Since it is a relatively high traffic location, always be mindful of potential player killers.

Even though they have armor, the base defense level isn’t very high so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. They also have 42 hit points, which is quite high for a low-level F2P enemy.

Ice Warriors – Asgarnian Ice Dungeon or Frozen Waste Plateau

The Ice Dungeon has large clumps of Ice Warriors and they are aggressive to anyone below 115 combat. This means that virtually anyone can AFK train here, although having high defense is recommended due to their hit accuracy.

For players above 115 combat, it is better to go into the deep wilderness location to have them stay aggressive. This spot used to be quite popular in the original 2007 version of Runescape, although today there is still a chance of running into a player killer.

Moss Giants – Wilderness Pond

Considering that Moss Giants are completely crowded by bots, the wilderness location is your best bet to grind for Big Bones and Mossy Keys. This is assuming you are willing to risk supplies at the hands of Pkers.

It is a distant spot on the surface, but if you create a Waka from Lumbridge or Edgeville, you are instantly taken there. If you die or need to bank, switch to a PvP world to access the Lumbridge bank chest, switch back to a regular world, and then take your canoe up to the spot.

Since it is in the wilderness, they will remain aggressive at a high level. This makes it the only viable AFK spot for high levels wanting to grind on them.

Lesser Demons – Karamja Volcano Dungeon

If you have high defense and are willing to invest in some high-healing food, Lesser Demons are not that bad of an option. They drop runes, lots of coins and the chance at a rune med helm. They also remain aggressive to any player at any combat level, so you don’t have to worry about manually clicking forever.

For ironmen with a limited weapon arsenal, you can use Silverlight (which is close to a Rune Longsword against demons) until you can obtain a rune sword or scimitar. Their defense isn’t particularly high, but a decent attack level would still be ideal since you are locked to rune weaponry.

If you have trouble finding a spot to train, be sure to try the tunnel going towards Elvarg for less competition.

Ogress Warriors

Ogress Warriors are not exactly ideal when it comes to AFK training due to high hits and magic-bases shamans roaming about. Since they have the best drop table in F2P and drop Big Bones, it is still worth the effort to come down here. For ironmen, this is also a good place to get some upgrades, like a rune full helm, rune battle axe and various high-level runes.

If you want to avoid competition, have Dragon Slayer completed so you can go to the more isolated dungeon. Once the shamans stop becoming aggressive, it would be significantly safer to manually click to avoid damage from Shamans.

Final Thoughts

If your goal is about getting the fastest experience possible, you might as well buy runescape gold and upgrade with a bond. F2P melee training is highly limited due to rune scimitars being the meta and the lack of variety in training. If you do decide to remain F2P for the extra challenge, the above training spots are pretty much it when it comes to efficient experience per hour.

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