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​Easy Items To Flip in OSRS


​Easy Items To Flip in OSRS

It’s no secret that flipping items on the Grand Exchange can be very profitable, and sometimes even more so than actually playing the game. For those of us with little free time to extensive market research, it just isn’t worth doing this big flips.

Fortunately, you can still play it safe and make enough passive GP for bonds and gear upgrades by flipping more obscure or high-volume items. This guide will go over some of the lazier flips that are almost guaranteed to make a weekly profit.


To start with something easy, if you have any level of the Varrock Diary, you should buy your daily battle staves for 7,000 osrs gold apiece. They almost always sill instantly within the 7,600 to 7,900 range, depending on current market demand. You can buy additional staves for a sweet margin at the Magic Guild as well.


Due to darts being the met for Fletching experience and Toxic Blowpipe users needing ammunition, you will always find a safe margin when flipping darts. The most notable would be steel and mithril darts, and they are now at rock bottom prices.

Leave a bulk order in the hundreds of thousands for each dart time at the official price. Once you’ve bought a satisfactory amount, resell it for 1 GP higher and most of it should go overnight.


Cannonballs were quite expensive at any point in history and are commonly used for bossing and Slayer. With the addition of bots making them in bulk and people buying them impulsively when they get a certain Slayer task, you can surely make a sweet profit.

The recommended margin is to buy it at around the official price and sell each cannonball from 5 to 10 gold higher. There may be higher margins that are possible, but this is around the safe going price.

High Alch Items

Using a tool like Alchmate, you will be able to see the live market price versus the high-alchemy value so you can profit from magic training. The items with the highest profit margins are right at the top, but in general, these items have low buy limits are quite unstable. Looking for something reasonably should have around a 500 GP profit margin or less.

Items that you can almost always buy reliably are all the colored dragonhide bodies and random rune weapons. Sometimes treasure trail items will have a higher alch value than their regular armor equivalents but with a lower buy limit.

Keep in mind the cost of each nature rune when calculating your profit. You can make the profit margin even wider if you craft your nature runes or buy it from rune shops.

Cosmetic Items

Some people who play this game care more about “Fashion-scape” than gaining experience. They want items that can display wealth, combine well with their skill capes, or simply be used for role-playing events. It can be hard to tell which ones have demanded if you’re not into that community, but you can start experimenting with clothing shops and go from there.

A good example of fashion scape flips would be to buy Pirate Bandanas of various colors. While they may have low volumes, you will have to probe the market to see which are selling high and/or quickly to see which ones to invest in.

Out Of The Way Quest Items

When people do quests, they’d rather buy each item their favorite Youtuber tells them than travel long distances to buy them. If you’re the more patient type, you can find ridiculous margins that can sometimes add up to millions in profit, albeit being slow to sell.

An example being the thin snails found in Burgh de Rott that are sold for just pennies. You can buy these and bank them nearby, and usually, they go for around 600 gold each. If you don’t want an instant sell, you can sometimes hold out for up to 1,000 gold of old school runescape.

Just take a look at various quest guides and begin hoarding items that are easy to obtain, although somewhat obscure. If there is a new quest coming up, check its prerequisites and start hoarding items for those quests. Most people won’t prepare until the last minute, and you can make a huge flip.


The items in this guide are only examples and are probably subject to change over time. The idea is to check price guides, figure out what people want and then determine where your flips should go. Items that go out of style may resurface months, or years later and you can even use old flipping ideas that were thought to be extinct.

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