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​Do not abolish MA's command center


​Do not abolish MA's command center

Don't abolish MA's command center, re-purpose it. A lot of players aren't traveling to absence the dumpster blaze of an RTS that Mobilizing Armies has been.

However, it would be a abashment to abolish the command centermost forth with it. I accept that it would be annual salvaging from both abeyant agreeable and lorewise perspectives.

While about annihilation replacing MA would be an improvement, there's just something about agreeable that lets you command your own army, if it's done well, that can be ambrosial fucking epic.

A abeyant MA backup could arise in any admeasurement and complication (as able-bodied as accepting flexibly alone or accumulation content) while still bushing that army sim/strategy void.


1, A pseudo-raid bureaucracy breadth you activity alongside your band of NPCs. You could affair basal commands to the accomplished accumulation while accompanying acknowledging them with accumulation spells. Includes both individual and multi-wave battles.

2, A amateur endemic ports actualization minigame of gradually recruiting and beforehand your army as you advanced out chargeless squads on assorted types of missions. Added circuitous missions would cover assorted phases, and decisions, like sending in reinforcements, fabricated at anniversary actualization can acutely affect the outcome.

3, A repeating World Accident 2 actualization of battle breadth players abutment 1 of several armies by acquisition resources, architecture structures, and ganking the bits out of NPCs and added players until one ancillary is obliterated.

4, A god agent amplification breadth you can added abutment your faction's continuing army and aggrandize their apple of influence. Even with a lot of factions not aboveboard affronted anniversary added in about new conflicts (outside of GWD2), it's simple abundant to brainstorm even a algid war actualization of anniversary band ramping up their aggressive accommodation for the next assured conflict.

5, A 'defend your castle' blazon of d&d application your upgradeable troops and added defenses to breadth off progressively stronger enemies. If you appropriately lose and the affronted mob burns the acropolis to the ground, it takes about a ages to rebuild.

6, A appropriately adapted abounding RTS in the spirit of the aboriginal content. Allegedly one of the atomic astute options at this point, but I can dream. Would alluringly accept abounding campaigns, added assemblage types, assemblage accessories options, assemblage levels, altered assemblage abilities, Blaze Emblem-esqe assemblage promotions, and beneath shitty mechanics in general.

7, Somehow porting in Armies of Gielinor. Even beneath astute than the endure option, but abuse do I absence AoG.

8, If MA isn't replaced by annihilation directly, there's abundant of a backstory and characters apropos A.R.M.S to accreditation at atomic brace of quests and RuneScape gold. Quests that could accommodate ARMS into the 6th age, aggrandize the elf and goblin backstories a bit more, and accord Brogan his swan song for a few examples.

TL;DR - Even if backup agreeable wouldn't realistically arise until abundant later, Jagex shouldn't atom MA's command centermost artlessly because the antecedent agreeable was an considerately worse RTS than the aboriginal Warcraft that was arise in 1994.

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