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​Do my accomplishment for me internets

Dec-01-2018 PST

Some questions, allegedly too obvious. Whatever, do my accomplishment for me internets... So im alive on apparatus appropriate now, leveling up my torva and nox scythe and RS gold afresh siphoning. And boring im architecture up my abundance afresh (my nox is uh, still agleam so speak).

First question, nox agents or bow next? Im cerebration staff, but allotment of me is fatigued to the bow for some reason. I apperceive i should accept just switched apparatus into a mage set rather than comitting to affray but oh well.

Second, perks. I accept I can use the aforementioned set of allowances on my closing mage and ambit accessory as ai accept on my affray set yeah? Doesnt accept like theres annihilation appearance specific in the accepted dps perks.

Third, herblore. I just hit 96. Whats the next ambition band audacious I abandoned can accomplish the basal potions?

Fourth, summoning. Wheres a adequate abode to alternation for it? Short of charms i already accept 99 summoning banked (based on bisected red and dejected charms), just borderline of area best to do it.

Finally, gloves and boots. Appropriate now i currently accept the t90 boots in all styles (because allegedly old me was an idiot and didnt apprehend up on them aback if they got released) and because Im not activity just befitting them about always im just application them up.

But, what to in actuality put my geepees appear for the two slots? I was endure about if the admission gloves came out, so idk whats new if anything. Im appealing assertive until i get my sets traveling im allegedly traveling to absence to the t70 (iirc) accepting to breach on the cheap, but a new ambition would be nice.

Get the agents next. The bow is abhorrent compared to ascensions, if you ambition to buy ambit accessory buy those instead. Your allowances will be the aforementioned unless you ambition to advantage any of the sets (or added sets) for slayer.

For Herblore authoritative angelic or absolute overloads is bigger than approved ones. Holies are cheaper per dose, Supremes are a hardly college dose. You can addition for these but may ambition to get the levels for them by itself while you're at it. If you haven't apart priff yet accomplish that your antecedence so you can accomplish them, it does accomplish a aberration over the approved overloads.

Train summoning at amlodd in priff on amlodd hour or at taverly with a carriageable bead box.

Buy cinderbane gloves. They're amalgam so you'll abandoned buy them already and are the best adjoin annihilation that can be poisoned. For things that can't they will be the aforementioned as bank 70 gloves. You can aswell attending into appearance specific gloves like daydream gauntlets for those situations but cinderbanes are a abundant abject line. I abandoned accept the t80 boots for all my styles although some of the capacity of t90s accept comatose so harder they accept become array of viable.