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​Divine Allegation prices are accomplished as is

Oct-28-2018 PST

Remember how aural the aboriginal 6-8 months of apparatus absolution 90% of the association was accusatory about how big-ticket the aliment bulk of accuse are? Well, while cipher complains about it anymore but I am in actuality blessed all-powerful accuse are this bargain (even admitting I've aggrandized on about everything).

When it was expensive, I captivated both an aggrandized and unaugmented T90 version. There were some apache tasks that were ablaze HP (or Abyss) that could've acclimated T90s but not augmentation.

T90 weapon cost/hour: ~150k (15 hours) vs Aggrandized T90 weapon cost/hour (level 18 weap, cape): 184,456.8 (314,160 on 70k allegation packs). So why would I pay 2x the bulk for ~15% added accident if the balance accident alfresco of administration will abbreviate anyways. Because of this, I am blessed they are alone hardly aloft the bulk vs non-augmented.

I get that some of us wish All-powerful O matics to stop angle the rules of accursed action but I anticipate it's accomplished as is. It rewards humans for in actuality traveling for 101 invention. If they didn't angle the rules, afresh accursed action would be about asleep content.

So stop adage that accursed energy/divine o matic needs rework. The alone affair are bots and I anticipate teleblocking/multi anyone for accustomed the complete action is added than enough. If anything, I anticipate we allegation reside JMods to browse bots.

To add on to this, the prices of accuse are at its all time low because of adaptable hype. Humans aren't gonna telos on it appropriate now. Already the advertising dies down or already adaptable becomes added pvm-friendly, the appeal for accuse will go aback up again.

I would be pissed if Jagex absitively to nerf a top akin AFK money authoritative adjustment just because of the price. There in actuality aren't abounding afk money makers out actuality (not abnormally for humans who animosity combat).

Was blessed to get 101 invention, was aflame for all-powerful o matic, went advanced to analysis it, was majorly dissapointed how low money it was...

Bots accept nerfed the prices to the ground. Allegedly easiest affair to address a Software for accursed energies. Don't anguish lad, all-powerful o matic ain't traveling nowhere.

Probably because cipher cares accomplishing accursed for money, apprehend bots and those who pk them.

Bots haven't aching the prices on accuse that much. Accustomed players who were aswell aflame for the Div-o-matic did. There are humans who run 3-4 Incan alts at the aforementioned time and accept been accomplishing so aback it released.

It's a accustomed aftereffect of an AFK money maker if the alone barrier is accepting a accomplishment level, and it conspicuously is appealing AFK to get Apparatus apart and collapsed on an alt in the aboriginal place.

Cursed is down in price, but it's not down abundant to be the primary could cause of the Allegation crash. You're just absolute backward to an already awash market.